Virgo & Earth Energy August & September 2019

We have plenty of planets in the earth signs for the end of August, until mid September. September starts with the Sun and a New Moon, in Virgo, encouraging us all to start a new cycle of growth, focusing on spiritual, emotional and physical health. It also promotes, helping and caring in the wider community.

Mercury, Mars and Venus, also pile up in Virgo, for the next few weeks. Since Virgo is the sign of perfection, there is a possibility for arguments and confrontation, since both Mars and Venus can be critical, heated and passionate. Watch what you say over these coming weeks, as words can be misinterpreted, and consequences could be seen for some time to come, and not necessarily in a good way. Close relationships can be particularly impacted, with Venus involved. Be gentle and mindful, in your communication with loved ones, things can easily be taken the wrong way now. Mercury, in it’s own sign of Virgo, can be a little to focused on the details, causing us to overthink things, and possible communicate in less than helpful ways. Thankfully, we also have Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, stabilising the passionate emotions and providing some grounding, by bringing some maturity to the table. The upside is that we are more ‘others’ focused during this time and are inclined to be helpful, rather than self indulgent and the attraction of feeling good about a job well done, will encourage us all to be proactive.

New Moon in Virgo, August 30th, 2019

On August 30th, the new moon, joins the sun, in Virgo. As we know, Virgo is all about organising, decluttering and planning. This is a double whammy of that energy, so get ready to be busy! A new moon present’s an opportunity for a fresh start and there is an emphasis on new beginnings. In the case of a Virgo new moon, it is all about focusing on the practical, and getting into a healthy, and beneficial, new routine. Set your intention and grab opportunity with both hands, using the available energy, to grow your projects so that they can flourish, over the next six months. Find a fun new exercise program, maybe one that finds you in the midst of a new group, of like minded friends. This new moon has emphasis on sharing and helping others, so perhaps you will find a new regime that involves caring for both yourself and family or friends. Be careful though, not to be too hard on yourself, concentrate on the positives and not on any flaws you think you have. Stay grounded and try not to be critical, of yourself or others.

General Tarot Card reading for Virgo – August 23-September 22, 2019

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find time to do a video reading for Virgo’s yet. That is Virgo season for most of us, busy, busy, busy. I hope you all enjoy the following reading.

For this spread, I chose every 7th card. The cards were pulled, in the following order: Page of Pentacles, 4 Wands, 8 Swords, The Fool, 5Cups, 9 Wands, Page Cups, Ace Swords, Queen Cups, 4 Cups and 3 Coins.

I see from this spread, that many of you are impatient to start a new project. It seems that finances, or lack of, have a big role to play, and there may be frustrating delays. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this project, but it is coupled with feeling stuck. You can’t seem to see the wood for the trees, and appear to be going round in circles, trying to find the best way to get it off the ground. It could be, that you don’t have enough in the way of time to give, as you have other commitments, or that you don’t have the start up funding, and are biding your time, until money becomes available. There are feelings of disillusionment, at times, and you wonder if this can ever be successful, given the stop, start consistency. However, the 9 of Wands, shows that you have the resilience, patience and strength, to see this through. Regardless of any adversity that you face, getting this off the ground, you have the persistence, to make it work. In the midst of all of this, know that you can do this. Your intuition is strong and inspiration will appear, be sure to be open to anything that will help make this work. The Ace of swords, signifies, success and triumph, though you will have to retain mental resilience, as you deal with the challenges. You will suddenly find a way forward, when there didn’t seem to be one previously. The Queen of Cups, confirms, that you will find a way to balance your emotions and use your intuition, through this whole process, while the four of cups, signals that there is a need for withdrawal and introspection, so you can find your inner strength and push forward. Lastly, the three of coins, indicates that there are resources available to you, whether in the form of support, or financial aid, and the possibility for great financial wealth, to come from this project.

Please remember that this is a general reading and may not apply to you all. If you would like a reading that is personal to you, please contact me either via the site, or call or text: +1 (306) 551 0522 or email:

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn, since April 2019, and turns direct, on September 18th. Have you noticed that you have been going back and revisiting/relearning, lessons from the past? Pop over to the Forum page, and share your experiences with us. We would love to hear what you have going on.

Virgo Season August 23rd – September 22nd

The sun moved into Virgo, on August 23rd. Virgo is an earth sign and very practical. Virgo natives can be quite critical, but more often, of themselves than others. Virgo tends to be diligent, industrious, and organised. When the sun is in Virgo, you can expect to be productive, finding any project that you are working on, particularly engaging. It is time to get organised and get back to calm and simplicity, after the high energy of fiery Leo season. Virgo likes routine and a healthy lifestyle, take the opportunity, to look at your diet and exercise regime, the next month is the perfect time to get this all in order and make sure you are taking proper care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. It is a time for getting your house in order, both figuratively and literally! Virgo loves a clean house, and will help you find the enthusiasm, to clean out those cupboards and closets. Virgo also likes to help, whether that is just doing extra to help out loved ones, or getting out into the community and volunteering. Be kind to others and to yourself this month.

Virgo’s Tarot card, is The Hermit. Virgo is known as the Virgin in astrology, so the Hermit, the loner, sits well here. That is not to say, that the typical Virgo is a virgin, in fact, most Virgo’s are rarely celibate, but that Virgo, more than any other sign, cope well with being alone. They tend to enjoy their solitude, usually using the time to meditate and reflect, solving any problems they may have to deal with. Since Virgo’s tend to be easily influenced, the Hermit helps them to retreat and regain their own individuality, looking inwardly, to find their true purpose.

Runes, also have a bearing on astrology, although they can be quite harsh, compared to Tarot, they still have a story to tell and a message to impart. Virgo’s Rune’s are Isa and Jera.

Isa (Ice) is the rune of stillness and concentration. It is the rune of ego and self and of focus. Ice is beautiful, serene, peaceful and yet can be treacherous if stepped on. Ice, as we know, is slow to melt and this rune represents the time needed, for self growth through introspection, the focus to reign in the ego, in order to not fall into the trap of superficial desires, and to promote spiritual growth. Isa can still, emotional distress, while you figure out and eliminate its root cause.

Jera represents reward, for the right actions. A perfect follow up to Isa, Jera symbolises patience, peace, proper timing and correct effort, which if achieved, is rewarded by abundant harvest. There is a need for persistent, slow, gradual change. Timing is everything. Jera tells us that ‘time changes everything’ and ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.

I hope you have a peaceful, productive Virgo Season. Have a great month, and I will be back in time to tell you all about Libra, the month of partnerships.

Full Moon in Aquarius August 15th 2019

The full moon in Aquarius, will be opposite Venus, the planet of love. Ordinarily, Venus has a soft, loving influence, but during this full moon, there could be some challenges. The sun in Leo, is conjuct Venus, which will bring focus to your relationships, and with this influence, could cause tension and financial problems. Unfortunately, the moon, venus, opposition, increases the individual need for love and affection, and can lead to making unwise decisions, in order to get it. You may be oblivious to the true character and nature, of the object of your attention, as well as possibly not taking it well, if the attention, isn’t returned. In long term relationships, this can cause miscommunication and arguments. Healthy relationships, will weather the storm, and potentially, find solutions to long running disagreements,but if you are in a relationship, which is already problematic, this aspect, may magnify the problems. Try not to overindulge in food, or alcohol, as a way to feel better.

Mars opposite Pluto, will intensify the emotion surrounding this full moon, possibly making you angry or short tempered, with a potential to act in the moment, without thinking things through. This can cause fights and aggression. Try to hold on to the fact that this will only last a short time, if you can channel your energy in a more positive way. A mix of other planetary aspects, could cause some kind of crisis, via manipulation, either by yourself or another person. This could be something to do with controlling behaviour, either from you or another person in your life.

Uranus, which retrograded on August 11th, can also cause sudden changes, particularly in your love life, as one or both of you, could be more inclined to search out excitement and passion, that isn’t present in your relationship. Be aware that this may not be the best thing for you in the long term, and as they say, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

These difficult aspects, will be in effect, for around two weeks, after the full moon. Throughout all of the aggression, anger and impatience in the air, try to remain focused on the fact that this too shall pass.

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Astrology and Colour

Astrology and Colour
Part 1 – Leo

Each of the 12, astrological signs, are associated with their own colour. In this first, of a 12-part series, we will look at the correlation, between Astrology and colour, as well as the Gemstone, Tarot Card and Rune for Sun Sign, Leo (July 23 – August 22).

Leo is ruled by the sun and is linked to the colour Orange and the various Oranges in the spectrum, including Gold, which is quite pertinent for our Regal Lion. Orange is optimistic and bright and fits the Leo personality, very well, adding warmth and creativity and also, encourages growth in career and relationships These colours, also help to enhance self-esteem and charisma. Other colours that work well for Leo, are yellows, creams and reds.

Leo’s birthstone, is Peridot, a green semi-precious mineral. Peridot is a stone, of positive power, love, healing and abundance. When used positively, it can help expand your ability, to receive from the universe and is said, to possess, magical powers. It can also help strengthen, the wearers’, protective and caring instinct. Peridot, is found in all shades of green, and the Roman’s called it ‘the emerald of the evening’. Other Leo birthstones, include Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite.

Leo’s is ruled by the Strength Tarot card. In most deck’s, you will see that the Lion, is the central figure. Very fitting. Leo is usually, the centre of attention! Most Leo’s, are also, usually, fearless, just like the Lion, not to mention, strong, both physically and emotionally. Strength, is the 8th card of the Major Arcarna, in the Tarot deck, and corresponds to August, the 8th month. 8 is symbolic of infinity, generosity and karma. The strength card, portrays, limitless energy, which is another Leo trait.

Each zodiac sign, is ruled by two different runes. For Leo, they are Hagalaz and Naudiz.
Hagalaz, is associated, with a major shift of energy. The name, translates, as hail. It is the rune of shocking change and big transformations. It may seem like an awful rune, but it is usually necessary change, leading to better things. It pertains, to challenges, which bring strength, a very Leo trait.
Naudiz, is about delays and restriction. These things again, lead to strength, along with innovation, once again, perfectly aligned with Leo traits. These things lead to major change, usually, self change. It gives Leo, the perfect opportunity, to prove that they can rise above the challenges.

New Moon in Leo 2019

Following the eclipses of July, we have a new moon in Leo, July 31st. A new moon, is a time to reset, and put your intention for the next month, out there. It is a perfect time, to sow the seeds of ideas, that will see signs of fruition, at the full moon in Aquarius, on August 15th, and grow bigger, over the next six months.

The eclipses, may have brought about big changes in your life, but they would have been to clear out, the unnecessary or unwanted, things that no longer serve your highest good. As chaotic, as it may have been, you will eventually be grateful for the way things are turning out.

It is time now, to let go of your doubts, time to take life by the hands and move forward to bigger and better things. Time to leave the baggage of the past behind and believe in your dreams and ability to fulfill them. Leo is all about creativity and confidence, and with the sun and moon there, you should have both, in spades. Take full advantage, spread those wings and fly!