Three card spread for January 21, 2020. Rider Waite deck.

The Tower – Some kind of upheaval today, but leading to better things. The Tower can indicate chaos, but this is usually as a direct result of us not initiating changes which need to be made. In these instances, our hands are forced, and although it may seem upsetting, the resulting outcome usually makes us grateful.

7 of Cups – opportunities but some could be an illusion, so be careful with your choices. Given the Tower in this spread, I would assume that the right choice will be made, either by you, or for you. This card can be about wishful thinking, so you may not immediately see that the outcome is the best one.

The Emperor – stability and security as well as leadership, are emphasized here. Following on from the previous two cards, it may be that the idea of rules and regulations are a turn off, but in this case, they are a must and will be beneficial.
Have a great Tuesday!

Aquarius Season – January 20 – February 19

On January 20th, we move away from earthy Capricorn and into air sign Aquarius. We have had so many planets in Capricorn over the last few months, creating a feeling of heaviness for most of us and while there will still be lots of Capricorn energy for some time yet, the Sun in Aquarius, will help to lighten things up a little. It’s time to start working through all of your emotions and figure out which ones need to be let go, after all, Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius is a sociable sign, albeit, independent. They are quirky and optimistic and this month brings a sense of a brighter future for us all. It is time for some fun and to focus on long term goals and ambitions with more of a communal theme than of late. Bear in mind though, that the air aspect could cause us to be a little too opinionated, so try not to force your ideas on others and try to remain open to others’ thoughts and opinions. This is also a great time for learning and studying, particularly in a group setting, with like minded people. Enjoy the lightness of this month!

Aquarius’ Tarot Card is the Star

The Star brings with it a sense of optimism, just like Aquarius. The card often shows a picture of a woman pouring water from an urn into a lake, depicting sharing with humankind, which is a very Aquarius trait. She also has one foot on land and one in the water, representing a balance between emotion and intellect. The Star promises more brightness and positivity for the future and encourages us to be more caring and considerate of those around us.

Aquarius is ruled by the runes Perthro and Algiz

Perthro is a rune of mystery, randomness and coincidences. It is a rune which is difficult to understand, as any outcome is uncertain and unpredictable, with the slightest change in circumstances, affecting the outcome and potentially turning everything on it’s head. This fits the Aquarius personality perfectly, as they pride themselves on being unique and unpredictable.

Algiz is a rune of protection and if worn as a Talisman, is said to protect everyone surrounding the wearer also. Algiz refers to spiritual protection and advises to draw on inner strength to combat any problems. It depicts wisdom and strength and says that any problems will be overcome.

Saturn Pluto Conjunction January 12th 2020

The long awaited Saturn Pluto Conjunction, takes place on January 12th, at 22° Capricorn. If you have planets in the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) at 22° in your Natal chart, you will feel this personally. The effects of this conjunction on the world stage, have been felt for the last year and will continue to affect us, for the next two years. It appears that this conjunction will primarily bring about a redistribution of power on a global level. These aspects are also known to bring about natural disasters, particularly seismic and volcanic. Although difficult to say for sure, it seems that there will be power struggles bringing changes regarding world leadership, banking and natural resources. On a more personal level, people will want to make changes in their working lives (we have already seen this over the last few months with so many strikes taking place) and many may choose to simply walk away from their jobs and totally recreate themselves. We have also been witnessing signs of recession, as often happens with this conjunction. Personally I feel that money is more and more being spent online and this is why so many high street stores are closing, which of course also brings about changes in profession for some. I also see people becoming more interested in spirituality, whatever that means to the individual. I feel we will see more of this in the next couple of years, as Saturn moves from Capricorn into Aquarius. Although these are trying times, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th 2020

January 10th, brings a full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This first full moon of the year (and decade) is a watery emotional one and we will all feel it. It is a time of release but the eclipse brings sensitivity and ultimately, healing. Feelings rule this full moon and we can use this to motivate us but we need to be careful that we don’t wallow in the emotions and cause the opposite effect. As Cancer rules home and family, we can use this energy to finish up any projects we have going on at home, plan a family get together, even move house. It is conducive to spending time with people we love and both giving and getting emotional support, which is particularly good news, if we have been internalising something that we need to get off our chest. This is a time of increased intuition and compassion, so it is easier to be gentle with others. If there is an aspect of your life that feels less than solid and secure, use this time to strengthen foundations. There is also a Stellium in Capricorn at this time, so watch for power struggles and control issues, either from yourself or directed towards you and if you feel stifled or as though you are being treated like a doormat, take some space before reacting. This is the first of four eclipses in 2020.

Capricorn Season December 21-January 20

Capricorn season starts on December 21, the same day that winter officially arrives. Capricorn is all about hard work and this is a time for setting goals for the future. It’s no coincidence that this is the month that we set New Year resolutions. Capricorn has the gumption to see thing through with their non stop energy. Capricorn is an Earth sign and are known as pioneers and leaders, but they can take this too far at times. Work hard during this time, but know when to take down time too, slow and steady should be your motto. That isn’t to say that you can’t dream big, but try to focus on one thing at a time and have a plan for long term. If that seems boring, bear in mind that Capricorn is the architect and is focused on building something that will bring lasting success, the fun parts will come later. You know what they say though, ‘all work and no play, make Jack a dull boy’, despite the theme, make sure to take time to have fun and stay active, after all, all that hard work deserves to be rewarded.

Capricorn’s ruling Tarot Card is the Devil.

The Devil card is frequently about facing what you fear most as well as a possible obsession with money and power. Capricorn tends to be the most hard working sign of the Zodiac and the devil warns that if you fear the success you are capable of, you will unconsciously self sabotage and become what you fear most. The Devil shows that if you become aware of this fear and take control of it, you are able to walk away from the fear and embrace your success.

Capricorn is ruled by the Runes Ehwaz and Mannaz

Ehwaz is the Rune of trust and teamwork. Working together for a common goal using trust and friendship to achieve it. Ehwaz is about cooperation and flexibility whilst moving towards your goal and staying strong and supportive to those around you.

Mannaz is the Rune of humanity and community. It represents common experience and the most positive human qualities. It symbolises interconnection and says that everything we do affects everyone around us and that everything we do, whether good or bad, comes back to us. It represents activity, communication and responsibility for the common good.