Tarot Card for Tuesday April 7th – Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins asks us to be diligent and organized in our duties today. Focus on each step and not the goal, in order to get the most done. We may be completely absorbed in a project but we need to pay attention to detail and exercise patience so that we don’t make mistakes or miss an important detail, perhaps even stumbling upon a more efficient way to deal with things. I feel that this card is also telling us, that we are getting used to this new way of life most of us are living, particularly in the difference in our daily routine. For those working from home, it is becoming more normal and possibly easier to integrate in to home life, in the sense of being able to more easily separate the two and making your day more efficient and hopefully, less stressful than of late.

Tarot Card for Monday April 6, 2020 – Two of Swords

The two of swords shows that there may be decisions to be made today. However, it speaks of avoidance of such, since there may be fear attached. It is easy to put your head in the sand today as you may be feeling as though you are at a crossroads and would prefer to take the easier route of sitting on the fence. It may feel like a blah kind of day, with people either suppressing their emotions, or else getting too caught up in them, causing conflict and arguments. Try to see the truth of what you are facing today and know that this is a necessary process.

Astrology of April 4th 2020

Venus in Gemini Trines Saturn in Aquarius – today it is easy to focus on something specific, and give your attention to something or someone important to you. It feels simple and natural to commit to a choice and be loyal and sincere about it, although you may express your feelings in a reserved manner.

The Jupiter Pluto conjunction is bringing huge changes in our day to day lives, transforming everything that we have known and taken for granted. This is a time of endings and beginnings and how you manage these will determine the outcome for you personally. What has been hidden for you, and is now coming to light? How will you use the information coming to you, to move forward? The last Jupiter Pluto conjunction was on December 11, 2007, look back to that time to see what was happening for you then and how you have progressed. This is the first of 3 conjunctions this time around, with the next two occurring on June 30th and November 12th this year. How have you handled your resources and power over the last 13 years? This is the chance for a new way of dealing with those things.

The Moon is in Virgo today, making us more prone to analyzing everything around us, but also making us quite productive.