Cancer Season June 21 – July 22 2020

Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac and has a love for comfort and security. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab and is an emotional sign and during this time, we will all experience an intensity in our emotions. Cancer kicks off its birthday month with the Solstice (the first day of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Winter for the Southern Hemisphere) as well as a Solar Eclipse, which will herald in a new beginning for us all. However, we currently have 6 planets in retrograde which will slow the process. This Cancer season is about truths being revealed and things will intensify with the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th. Feelings will easily be triggered this month as the ongoing drama continues throughout the world and we would all do well to turn our attention inwards and do some self reflection. Try to avoid outbursts as this will make things worse and turn up the heat personally. On the plus side, Cancer represents home and nurturing and this gives us the opportunity to kick back and relax a little whilst nurturing ourselves and our loved ones.

The Card which represents Cancer is The Chariot.

The Chariot talks of a fresh start and determination. This is perfect for Cancer who’s birthday month begins right at the start of a new Season. Cancer is steadfast and focused, as well as nurturing, protective and intuitive and the chariot is reflective of this as it is about having the self control and confidence to overcome challenges using intuition and willpower.

The Runes for Cancer are Gebo and Wunjo

Gebo is the Rune of give and take, generosity and sacrifice, things that come naturally to the nurturing Cancerian. It represents the commitments that we make to ourselves and others and how we honour those commitments and works on the basis of what we give, we receive.

Wunjo speaks of calm after victory and suggests that joy comes from hardship. It says that the small and simple things are the true source of happiness and can be found even during struggles. It also represents nature and fertility as well as a time of joy and comfort.

General Tarot Card June 10th 2020 – Four of Coins

The four of coins refers to security, stability and structure. This fits with the current state of things given the protests all over the world and the actual tearing down of historical statues. There is a collective need to establish new systems and ways of being and relating and this card suggests that strength and security is needed to attain structure and to resolve these issues without descending into further chaos. On a personal level, the 4 of coins can indicate wealth both in a material and health sense and an appreciation of the natural world.

General Weekly Tarot Reading, June 8th 2020

The weeks starts with the 2 of Swords, which refers to achieving balance between two polarities, this could be about making choices between two opposite perspectives or situations. This card also speaks of determining truth from untruth by employing our instinct and intuitively resolving issues, which could be either internal or external. The 2 of Swords also asks us to listen to opposing points of view with an open mind and to not allow our thoughts to become the enemy, but instead to calm any anxiety and create calm and positivity.

The Page of Wands is here to help create the positive frame of mind initiated by the 2 of Swords and alludes to the spark of an idea or some kind of revelation, releasing us from previous doubt and fear and showing us new possibilities. The Page promises a high energy week, where we will begin to see that anything is possible.

Now we have the Queen of Coins to temper this high energy, helping us to create the calm spoken of by the 2 of Swords. This Queen is very family orientated, sympathetic and loyal and represents security and comfort achieved by stamina and perseverance. She also tells us to appreciate the joy we already have in our lives and to increase it by connection with the natural world, finding emotional security and soul nourishment, through nature and family, and by doing so, coming to realise the divine flow of life.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 5th 2020

The full moon Lunar Eclipse take place in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini and is the beginning of a two year cycle of these eclipses. On the same day, the North Node moves into Gemini and the South Node, into Sagittarius. The South Node is connected to the past and the North Node is connected to the future, both are connected to Karma, with the North Node bringing opportunity to fix past mistakes and change the future. This eclipse is focused on releasing the old and letting go what is no longer working. Sagittarius represents truth and can bring about brutal honesty but also our biases, making this a good time to recognize where we may have been plodding along with our beliefs without ever checking the facts. While this full moon is not really a time for yet moving forward, it is a time to shed the past and while this may be difficult and uncomfortable, it is a necessary preparation for the coming Solar eclipse on June 21st. Along with this eclipse, we have Venus retrograde in Gemini, which may bring a focus on personal relationships and possibly an acknowledgement that some things are no longer working or simply, a realization that we have unanswered questions and confusion surrounding our relationship. The next two weeks will bring more clarity and we will become less confused about what we do and don’t want and with a feeling of becoming stronger and more willing to embrace our inner power, as more information comes to light.

General Tarot Card for June 5th 2020 – 6 Coins

Continuing on with our theme for this week, the 6 of Coins signifies team work and helping others, or receiving help and support ourselves. We need to individually and collectively, keep on envisioning the kind of future we want and work together to achieve it, creating harmony as we go. It is easier today to be sensitive to the needs of others as we are generally intuitive and empathetic and open to, deeper than usual, communication. It feels natural to both give and receive support and we are feeling generous with our time and resources. Make the most of today’s energies, as the balance can shift at any time.

General Tarot Card June 4, 2020 – Judgment

This card tells us that we must be objective in making decisions but make them we must and by weighing all elements. It is time to move forward with conviction, strength and focus. We need to look to the past and see how events and actions have brought us to this point, but rather than lament and ponder on how we got here, we have to be detached from such thought processes in order to make the future a better place to be. On a personal and collective level, it is time to reassess previous behaviours so that we can correct our course and establish a new way of being.

General Tarot Card for June 3, 2020 – Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups signifies that we need to be in tune with our feelings of compassion and sensitivity. This fits so well with everything that is happening in our world right now. Our emotions are likely to be instinctive and inspire sympathy and empathy and feelings of support towards those we know and those we don’t. Emotions will be deep, yet gentle and we will be concerned with the healing of people and all that is wrong on our planet. It is a day to set aside selfishness and narrow mindedness and send out our healing energies to our fellow humans.

General Tarot Card for June 2, 2020 – Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands encourages us to take a journey of the mind today. It is a day for enthusiasm and passion for the future and what we can achieve! Don’t be afraid to try something new or make plans to start something you may not even think you are capable of, have faith in your ability to conquer things untried, reach for the stars and enjoy the experience, regardless of the outcome. If you don’t try, how will you ever know?

General Tarot Spread for June 1 – June 7, 2020

The first card is the 5 of Wands, which suggests force of will, challenges and competition. Of course we have been seeing this over the last few days in many areas, particularly the riots which have unfortunately been taking place. There is an air of opposition and blockages for most of us this week, which will show us our strengths and weaknesses. We may face difficult trials, both personally and collectively and must choose how best to overcome them, in order to achieve our goals. Each trial we master, will bring about new skills and help shed prior, worn out beliefs. This week, it would be wise to hold on to the awareness that adversity and hardship, ultimately, make us stronger.

Next we have the 9 of Cups, which represents happiness, satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. Throughout the craziness this week, focus on the beauty of the natural world, knowing that this too shall pass. Fall back on your inner reserves of calm and contentedness, and realize that comfort, tranquility and good fortune will reappear in time and that you can create your own pleasure despite everything going on around you.

Last is the 2 of Swords which is also about balance and peace, and confirms what we are told by the 9 of Cups, we do have the reserves inside of ourselves, to achieve balance emotionally and mentally. There likely will be choices to be made this week and they may be contradictory. By balancing your emotions and your mind, you will find the energy to move forward, to keep on developing your awareness in order to tune into your instincts and know which is the right choice to make.