Pisces General Tarot Reading April 2021

Pisces, you really want to keep life simple this month and are feeling extra self protective. You naturally like to keep your own counsel and prefer to be self sufficient, preferring to avoid anything that might add more complexity to your life. However, you could find yourself in the position of having to be much more outgoing and in the public eye, as you have a significant amount to accomplish. It is possible that a female will play a significant role here, as she brings you either an offer or has need of your support in some way. Although you will need to step up and fulfill this role – there seems to be no getting out of it – you will need to guard against having too much thrust upon you. As the month progresses, you will find that you have the resources to power through any difficulties you face. Challenges will be short lived.

Aquarius General Tarot Reading April 2021

Aquarius, you are setting goals and have high hopes of achieving what you set out to do. You have the discipline and dedication to do so this month along with a willingness to work hard. You are possibly taking on a new project with the objective being a stable and secure future. You will find yourself very focused on this one thing but you will need to find a balance with other areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or delegate. This won’t take anything away from you. Assistance that you have been hoping for will suddenly appear right in front of you. By the end of the month, you should find that you have overcome many obstacles and that the struggles are behind you. In the meantime, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, make sure to prioritize. Remember, noone can do everything at once.

Capricorn General Tarot Reading April 2021

Capricorn, you are curious and excited by something new this month. You have the passion to succeed at anything you decided to take on but are cautious at your lack of knowledge and experience. You may also feel a little overwhelmed by the competition and are comparing yourself to others who have already been in this field for a while. There is no need for perfection, especially at this point and you would be wise to put less pressure on yourself. You have your own uniqueness and fresh ideas, to bring to the table. If you can look at things this way, you will have a sudden breakthrough and find the confidence you need to push forward. Soon you will see all the possibilities and will see that you have been given the green light to reach for your goals.

Sagittarius General Tarot Reading April 2021

Sagittarius, the month may start off with you knowing that you need to change a situation, but feeling powerless to do so. You are feeling a little helpless and as though you have no control over your own life. However, it seems that you have -possibly without realizing – given over the driving seat to someone else. You just have to realize that you can as easily take it back again. Perhaps this happened because your previous plan was met with discouragement and you were hurt by this. If you think about the situation logically and mentally prepare yourself for the same reaction as last time, you will find yourself in a stronger position to defend your stance. It is time to just go for it now. Although there are other people to take in to account, you also have to do what works for you. Follow your instincts with this and you will find yourself powering forward in no time.

Scorpio General Tarot Reading April 2021

Scorpio, you are closing out a chapter this month. Your hard work has paid off and you are probably reaping the benefits financially. This will help to take away some of the stress you have been dealing with in that area. However, you may also hear from someone who could do with your help. This could be financial aid, or else they need you in a practical way, perhaps you just have to give someone you time and presence. You will be rewarded in time, as you will be storing up good karma. As the month goes on, you will be taken by an idea that you are eager to implement and make reality. Although this will come with its challenges, you will be excited by it and will enjoy the adrenaline rush you get as you problem solve your way to a successful outcome.

Libra General Tarot Reading April 2021

Libra, this is ultimately a month of success for you and you will achieve something you have been waiting for. It will leave you will a feeling of confidence and will be great for your self esteem. However, it won’t come without hard work, foresight and lots of planning. There is the potential for growth and expansion, but you have to believe in yourself. You may find yourself in the position of having to fight your corner. It is possible that someone will challenge you and try to discourage you from following this path. Take the high road and remain strong willed and in control, no matter what you come up against. This will be a busy and challenging month, so make sure to take care of yourself to keep your energy levels up.

Virgo General Tarot Reading April 2021

Virgo, there will be a change of routine in some area of your life this month, as you find yourself taking on a new role. With your love of organization, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. You will find it easy to focus and will be quite absorbed on your tasks, as you will be committed to delivering the very best version you possibly can. However, there is no doubt that you will be working hard and there may be lots of minor details to deal with. You will also need to be aware of any potential jealousy from someone around this project. There is a chance of someone stabbing you in the back and you will need to keep your wits about you. Keep an eye on your energy levels and take a break long before you succumb to exhaustion and you will find this to be a productive and successful month.

Leo General Tarot Reading April 2021

Leo, you will be taking on an apprenticeship of sorts this month. It looks as though you will be delving into a new subject and making a commitment to mastering it. It looks as though this is to build on something that you have been developing already. You will need to have a very flexible schedule for this next few weeks. You would also benefit from researching your resources in advance to save you time. Since this is something that you are excited about, you will be quite agile mentally and will find it easy to learn. Communication will be enhanced and there is someone who is more than happy to help you out with any information you are having trouble finding.

Cancer General Tarot Reading April 2021

Cancer, April sees you with an abundance of energy. You will be feeling outgoing and optimistic. In fact, you will be accomplishing so much and so fast, that the people around you will be exhausted just watching you. As the month progresses, you will need to watch out that you don’t become obsessed with one particular project. Take care not to be swept off your feet or carried away by something that has the potential to be an illusion. There will be so many options available to you and you will be rushing full speed ahead. Make sure that you slow down and take a break occasionally though, you don’t want to end up completely exhausted and unable to carry on, when you have so much going for you. This can be a month of enormous success for you if you keep your eyes wide open.