Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Change is coming

On November 19th we have a partial Lunar eclipse in Taurus. It will take around 2 years for the effects to be complete, but we should all feel a shift almost immediately, as we see the themes of the last 18 months, begin to break up and move away. It is time to move out of our comfort zones and things could feel a little out of whack for a while. This is the beginning of a more spiritual focus for all of us, but the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel these changes the most.


The eclipse takes place in your 1st house of self. You should be feeling quite confident now and it will be easier to make decisions. This is the time to look at your long-term goals and any new beginnings you know you must implement. You will find that you are more sensitive to the energies around you, and this could lead to some restlessness and make you somewhat impulsive. Partnerships are also highlighted here and over the next couple of years, you will experience shifts in the way that you look at them.

Your Tarot Card for this eclipse is the King of Coins. He represents maturity and success as well as stability and security. These are your themes for the next couple of years as you work towards bettering yourself and becoming more grounded, as you make the changes that will lead to your new identity. Although you generally struggle with change, you are ready now and will find it easier than in the past.


This eclipse takes place in your second house and the focus will be on emotional and financial security. You will see financial issues highlighted and could either see a raise in income or else find that you need to settle any outstanding debt. Predictability in partnerships and finances will be a strong theme for you over the next couple of years as you work towards putting yourself in a more stable position in both. Saving or investing could become more important to you now.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is The Magician. He represents potential and willpower as well as new beginnings and opportunities. You will find that you have the resources to manifest the way you want your life to look now. You already have the knowledge and skills to create the security that you crave and over the next couple of years you will home in on one specific way to move you towards your goal. Commitment to getting what you want is the key here.


This eclipse takes place in your 3rd house. There will be a focus on communications and friendships. You could find yourself becoming more involved in your community over the next couple of years or if you have been giving lots of attention to a particular project, you will see it come to a conclusion, or voluntarily let it go. The same can be said for friendships as you let some go and see new ones come in and you will also find new ways of interacting.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is The Wheel of Fortune, which represents change, destiny and soulmates. You may find that some of the changes are forced on you and so are not easy to deal with, but it is for your greater good and ultimately you will see that you did actually adapt quite smoothly and your social life has changed for the better.


This eclipse takes place in your 4th and the focus will be on home life and family. There could be unexpected changes which will feel unsettling, and you will find yourself trying to create more stability in this area, as you start to see that things have been up and down for a while now. Over the next couple of years you will take steps to build a home life that you are comfortable with and will likely be spending much more time with family.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Two of Cups, which is about creating stable and long-term relationships both with others and with yourself. You will be building connections based on mutual respect and appreciation. When it comes to home, you will be combining wishes and talents with a significant other, to have the house and home life that will help you feel comfortable for years to come.


This eclipse takes place in your fifth house, and you may find new creative talents. You will be feeling quite sociable and will be directing your energy towards recreation, romance, and hobbies. As the worker bee of the zodiac, you will learn to relax more over the next couple of years, indulging your wants more than is usual for you. You will likely be travelling around more and getting involved in fun activities, as well as having the confidence to show off any artistic work you do.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Ace of Cups. You are going to be letting go of an outdated way of being and will start to feel much more emotionally fulfilled. Whatever you are releasing now is long overdue and it is the perfect time to start afresh. Give yourself permission to put your own wants and needs first now and you will begin to feel much happier about your life and responsibilities over the next couple of years.


This eclipse takes place in your 6th house of health and daily routines. You may become aware that the way you currently live your life, is no longer working for you. You may need to take on a new health regime to keep your health tip top, or perhaps you need to make some tweaks when it comes to your working day. This is all about perfecting your routines to make them work for you, so that you don’t feel constantly overwhelmed. Focus on small things that make you feel good to begin with and build from there.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Queen of Cups. She represents caring, compassion and nurturing and is suggesting that these are things you need to apply to yourself now. She also advises that should you need help with anything, you should seek it out. It is also possible that a woman with these qualities will enter your life and become a permanent fixture over the next couple of years and will be instrumental in helping you make the changes you need in your everyday life.


This eclipse takes place in your 7th house of relationships. Personal relationships will be highlighted, and any weaknesses will be shown clearly to you. You will see changes to the way your relationships are conducted now, and any unevenness will need to be dealt with, as you realise that you need to take steps towards a more middle ground. You could also become more interested in your physical appearance now and implement a significant makeover.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Two of coins which is about balance. This card is highlighting areas in your relationships that are precarious, which will give you the opportunity to figure out how to make them healthier and more stable, so that they don’t just collapse. You will likely be presented with two choices and will have to find a way to decide between them, taking into account long term consequences. This also points to you perhaps needing to put more time and effort into a significant relationship so that you see the benefits in the long term.


This eclipse takes place in your 8th house and there will be a focus on joint resources. This could be financial but is as likely to be emotional too. Over the next couple of years, you will be learning to find a more middle ground when it comes to give and take. As the relationship and balance sign, you tend to go to one extreme or the other when it comes to giving and you will be learning to navigate this to make things more equal in your personal life. You may find it hard to detach at this time and that will be another learning curve for you, as you find a way to not take things so personally. You could be feeling more introverted than usual for the next while.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Nine of Pentacles. This indicates that by the end of this eclipse cycle you will have reached a point of completion when it comes to your resources. You will have found a way to put your own needs on a parr with giving to others. You will also likely be much more adept at solving conflict in your relationships. Where this pertains to finances, you will come up with a plan to ensure your long-term security.


This eclipse takes place in your 9th house. You could find yourself feeling emotionally restless and will be looking for ways to switch things up and change routines in this area. This is the house of spirituality, and it is possible that you will become very involved in this, either teaching or learning. You will be looking for new experiences on many different levels and will feel that you need more independence. The next two years is about breaking out of your comfort zone, and it is possible that you could also make a change in your location or living situation and perhaps will be taking some significant trips.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the King of Swords. You will be building on your education and experience in one or more areas over the next couple of years. You will find that you become more aware and observant and will see and fix any issues more and more easily as time goes on. If there is opposition to the changes you are making within yourself, use logic and calm to explain yourself. Make sure to consider long term consequences in all that you do now.


This eclipse takes place in your 10th house of career and reputation. You could find yourself looking to make changes in your work life if you are dissatisfied now, or else making this area more stable. There will be a need for approval and recognition as you feel more sensitive about the way others see you. Take this time to learn how to turn any doubts about your own abilities, into an opportunity to build your confidence and shine. If you do make a change in your career path now, you will be feeling settled and capable by the end of this cycle.

Your tarot card for this eclipse is the Two of Cups and shows that you are on your way to building something solid and enduring that will enhance your life and cement your place in the world. During this time, you will learn to not be so hard on yourself and to recognise your skills and contributions. If you begin a business partnership over the next two years, it should be solid and stable.


This eclipse takes place in your 11th house. The next two years will find your social life quite busy, and you could find yourself becoming part of a new group of people. Although these people will share your vision, you will have need to express your individuality and could make quite an impact in a community situation. You feel and probably find, a new purpose and although you may feel uncertain in the beginning, your confidence will grow over time. This could be a lucky period for you as opportunity comes towards you and you realise that it is meant to be.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Page of Swords. He brings you the energy to make all the changes over the next couple of years, as well as letting you know that you will have an abundance of ideas. You will be questioning everything but will also have answers for anyone who questions whether this is the right path for you. You will likely have a brilliant idea and will find all the resources to hand to help you execute it. Try to remember to allow others to put forward their own ideas and plans too, together you will come up with an amazing new project.


This eclipse takes place in your 12th house and can find yourself being quite introverted for the next couple of years. It is a time of looking inward but make sure not to indulge in any escapist behaviour. Time spent along to focus on your dreams and wishes is a good thing, as is taking the opportunity to let go of previous self-destructive behaviours. It is important to replace any negative behaviours with positive ones so that at the end of this cycle, you are ready to face the world again, with a heightened sense of confidence and ready to start new projects.

Your Tarot card for this eclipse is the Three of Cups. This signifies that you will be focusing on the past which will ultimately help you to let go of situations which have been holding your back, or at least hindering your forward movement in some way. You have possibly also been burning the candle at both ends and now you are ready to take a break from all the activity, so that you can focus on moving past previous emotional issues. By the end of this cycle, you will be ready to get back out in to the world and have some fun, but in a different, healthier and more stable way.

Pisces General Tarot Reading – November 15-30, 2021

This is a great time to take a break Pisces, whether that’s from the humdrum of everyday life, or a situation that has you beaten down and exhausted. If you have been dealing with a never-ending conflict situation, this is your sign that it is coming to a close. Soon you will see the pay off for all your hard work and/or endurance. The relief you will feel and the support you get from others, will make the outcome even sweeter and better yet, you will see the results last for a long time to come. Soon you will be back to feeling organised, successful and calm.

Aquarius General Reading –November 15-30, 2021

Aquarius, it’s possible that you have to rethink the way you communicate, as it appears to be causing a few problems. It isn’t necessarily your delivery that is the issue, it could as easily be the way that the receiver is interpreting, but either way, you are the one who can solve the problem. Are you able to dress up what you have to say, in a positive and loving way even if you aren’t feeling that way? If so, you will find that the channels open up and conversation will suddenly flow. In the financial arena, it would be wise to watch your spending right now if you have been getting carried away. If you are finding yourself caught up in the material world, it would be good for you to try to focus on your spiritual development instead, for the next little while.

Capricorn General Reading – November 15-30, 2021

Capricorn, you seem to be hitting brick walls lately and are struggling to keep your feet on the ground. Although these setbacks may seem insurmountable, it is just a temporary situation and is teaching you to stand firm in your beliefs and desires. Fairly soon you will be a master at this, even if that means doing the same thing over and over until you get it. Attention to detail is important for you now and will help improve your situation. The results you are looking for are close and you will see significant rewards. If  on the other hand, you are at a crossroads, this is the perfect time to take stock and choose a path once and for all. You can achieve and grow whatever you set your mind to now.

Sagittarius General Tarot Reading – November 15-30, 2021

You need a clear head now Sagittarius. You know that you need to do something differently to move the seemingly immovable object in your path. It would be a good idea to look at all aspects and possible consequences, in a nonjudgmental and impartial manner. This will help you to see things more clearly and make a plan for moving forward. If this is an ongoing situation, you will soon be on the road to recovery and there is possibly someone waiting in the wings to help you out. Make sure to repay the kindness in the future. Once you have moved beyond this, you will feel a release and will see new opportunities appear in either the love or spiritual realms.

Scorpio General Tarot Reading – November 15-30, 2021.

Scorpio, it seems that you have been feeling frustrated and held back lately. A big part of you wants to be able to follow your own path, but you are conflicted. You must decide which way to go now if you want to make real progress. Once you have chosen a path, you will experience a rapid and major shift. You are possibly afraid to leave your comfort zone but remember that it is the initial change that can be difficult and uncomfortable. Focus on the joy you know you will feel once the transition is complete. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and trust your inner voice. You deserve the best that life has to offer, but only you can make this change.

General Tarot Reading for Libra – November 15-30, 2021.

Woah Libra! It looks as though you are about to have a breakthrough moment! There will be sudden clarity about something important and you will realise that you haven’t entirely seen the truth of things. This will fill your mind with new possibilities and you will be excited about an opportunity which suddenly pops up for you. It is also possible that someone is not being completely honest with you, in which case, this will become glaringly obvious, and you will know just how to handle it. As you move forward now, do so strategically and trust your instinct as it is spot on.

General Tarot Reading for Virgo – November 15-30, 2021

Virgo, you seem to be embroiled in a confusing, if not difficult, situation. What makes it worse is that you had such high hopes when you started down this path. There is a choice to be made and neither option seems very appealing to you at the moment. However, to regain balance you must make a decision. Take some time out to look at things clearly and make sure that there isn’t a bit of wishful thinking going on here. Write a list of pros and cons to help you figure out the best path and ensure that you are grounded. You will probably be entirely focused on this particular part of your life for the next little while, so try to remember not to neglect any one important in your life, while you find your way around things.

General Tarot Reading for Leo – November 15-30 2021

Leo, you have an emotional situation that is either already, or about to be, intense. Although you appear to have a grip on things and are feeling quite balanced about it, there is something that you haven’t taken into account, or aren’t fully aware of yet. It seems that this is to do with a relationship or partnership that is solid and full of mutual respect and appreciation. Perhaps though, one or the other of you hasn’t been paying as much attention to things as they ought to have been? Either way, there is a big change coming very soon and it will come out of the blue. Even if it seems chaotic, stressful or upsetting to begin with, things will soon settle down and you will find that actually, it is better than ever.

General Tarot Reading for Cancer – November 15-30, 2021

Do you feel that you don’t have a voice Cancer? It is time to speak up about the things that are important to you. If there is an opportunity that has presented itself and you aren’t sure whether it is right for you, just go for it anyway. If you don’t try, you will never know. Just make sure that you know all the small details. It is also possible that someone is keeping information from you about an important situation that you are involved in. This isn’t necessarily malicious; it could be that they are trying to protect you or your feelings. If you aren’t already aware of it, you soon will be and you must address it immediately so that it doesn’t turn in to something unsolvable.