Aquarius General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Aquarius, you are good at hiding your emotions, but the Queen of Cups suggests that this month you will do so more than usual, giving the impression of being eternally unattainable. This appears to be in relation to some deep reflection you have going on and the Eight of Coins advises that you take some rest and process these feeling that you are hiding. This may be regarding a situation from the distant past that you are finally letting go, which has dominated your emotions for quite some time and which has left you feeling stuck as suggested by the Eight of Swords. You are encouraged to free yourself from anything that has held you back and limited your forward motion. Much of this appears to be a negative belief of yourself which is mostly imagined and must be replaced with positive thoughts and the knowledge that you can make your future what you want it to be.

Have a great month Aquarius

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