Aquarius Season – January 20 – February 19

On January 20th, we move away from earthy Capricorn and into air sign Aquarius. We have had so many planets in Capricorn over the last few months, creating a feeling of heaviness for most of us and while there will still be lots of Capricorn energy for some time yet, the Sun in Aquarius, will help to lighten things up a little. It’s time to start working through all of your emotions and figure out which ones need to be let go, after all, Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius is a sociable sign, albeit, independent. They are quirky and optimistic and this month brings a sense of a brighter future for us all. It is time for some fun and to focus on long term goals and ambitions with more of a communal theme than of late. Bear in mind though, that the air aspect could cause us to be a little too opinionated, so try not to force your ideas on others and try to remain open to others’ thoughts and opinions. This is also a great time for learning and studying, particularly in a group setting, with like minded people. Enjoy the lightness of this month!

Aquarius’ Tarot Card is the Star

The Star brings with it a sense of optimism, just like Aquarius. The card often shows a picture of a woman pouring water from an urn into a lake, depicting sharing with humankind, which is a very Aquarius trait. She also has one foot on land and one in the water, representing a balance between emotion and intellect. The Star promises more brightness and positivity for the future and encourages us to be more caring and considerate of those around us.

Aquarius is ruled by the runes Perthro and Algiz

Perthro is a rune of mystery, randomness and coincidences. It is a rune which is difficult to understand, as any outcome is uncertain and unpredictable, with the slightest change in circumstances, affecting the outcome and potentially turning everything on it’s head. This fits the Aquarius personality perfectly, as they pride themselves on being unique and unpredictable.

Algiz is a rune of protection and if worn as a Talisman, is said to protect everyone surrounding the wearer also. Algiz refers to spiritual protection and advises to draw on inner strength to combat any problems. It depicts wisdom and strength and says that any problems will be overcome.