Aries August 2020 General Tarot Reading

Aries, this month is about emotions for you as August begins with you consciously looking to achieve emotional stability and lasting happiness, both in your day to day as well as home life. If there have been tensions recently, whether internally or externally, the Ten of Cups signals an end to this and a more balanced feeling. The Knight of swords encourages you to explore new ideas regarding your emotions, in an unconventional way by looking at all possibilities and perhaps leaving previous methods behind and employing something out of the ordinary as well as making a conscious effort to leave behind any negativity. The Page of swords backs up this theory and tells you that you have the internal power to make the changes needed, and that over the next two months, if you follow the Pages’ advice, you will move forward in leaps and bounds, with the World card confirming that any seeds sown in this direction, will come to fruition and give you the outcome you are working towards emotionally.

The four of Cups speaks of being in the moment and appreciating the good things you already have in your life and at the same time, being open to new experiences and bringing in a little adventure, don’t be passive now as that would bring the opposite of what you are looking for. Don’t be too dependant on others to provide your happiness, you have a well of resources inside. The Ten of Swords suggests that you have your part to play in your current situation and that it is time to put an end to any bad habits that may have contributed to conflict, or that it is time to decide to put an end to a situation that has been bringing you down and has seen no improvement, while the Seven of Cups says that this situation may have been brought about by not seeing things clearly and has held you back. The Lovers tells you that it is possible to continue forward with this situation, but that opposing points of view need mutual understanding and empathy in order to create a deep and lasting bond. Whilst this usually refers to a romantic relationship, it also applies to any other emotional connection this month and the King of Wands encourages you pursue your emotional dreams and desires in a positive and dynamic way. Aries, your overall card this month is The Empress, she is the card of love and abundance and is here to help you create the loving, nurturing and affectionate life that you deserve. Have an amazing August.

*Please note that this is a general reading only and may not apply to everyone. If you would like a more personalized reading, please contact me to book an appointment.

This post is for entertainment purposes. Any decisions made because of this reading, are the individual’s sole responsibility.