Aries General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Aries, this month begins with you embracing any changes you made in August. The Two of Cups suggests a union of opposites and says that you have managed to incorporate the changes into your everyday life, rather than switching everything up completely. It seems that you have accepted and let go of any fears you may have had surrounding this situation. While it does appear that this is an emotional situation it could of course apply to any aspect of your life. The Ace of Wands confirms that you are about to experience a new passion for life, as it is bringing in fresh energy and a feeling of power, although this is not fully formulated just yet. This seems to point to a new opportunity coming your way in some form, giving you a renewed sense of purpose, as shown by the Knight of Coins. Changes will be swift and you must take action in a straightforward and persistent manner, whilst remaining compassionate to those around you, yet at the same time, setting boundaries. Have a wonderful month Aries!

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