Aries, look back to move forward in May

Aries your Tarot card for May 2021, is The Hanged Man. You know that you are about to take a major step forward in your life, but there is a sacrifice to be made. This is either to correct a previous mistake or is a calculated move so that you don’t waste time. You could be feeling as though you are swinging in the wind or that life is a little upside down. One way or another, you are seeing the world somewhat differently to the people around you. For now, it seems that it is best for you to walk alone as any decisions you are about to make, need to be properly though out. There is a sense of urgency, but don’t act to quickly or you risk making a mistake.

Your Rune for the month is Eihwaz which translates as Defence. You may feel tested and blocked in your forward motion, but it is best to not let stress get the better of you. Look at any obstacles as beneficial. You will find it difficult to influence people and situations but this is temporary. Being patient will help your cause and give you the ability to see potential consequences. This is a month for deciding not doing and you will find that your discomforts bring ultimate growth. Set your house in order, as next month you will find progress much easier.