Aries Season March 19 – April 20

Aries is a fire sign and the first sign of the Zodiac, welcome to the new Astrological year. Aries is a high energy sign and there is no doubt that with all the chaos in the world right now, that energy has been curbed in most of us. However, this is still a time of new beginnings and as we head in to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (fall in the Southern), we can still get outside – bearing in mind social distancing of our course. It is a time for new beginnings and we can still set our intent, no matter how limited we may be at this time.

Aries in particular, have the opportunity to start fresh now, set goals and plan out your year. Aries is an active sign and prefer to not be still, and this extends to the rest of us right now, so get out there and get moving. Go for a walk, clean up your yard, plan your garden, or harvest, depending on where you are in the world. Despite things being so difficult for so many, there is still good reason to carry on as normally as possible and plan for later in the year when things will improve.

Aries have a reputation for honesty and loyalty, and at times can be brutal with the truth, all admirable qualities and at this time, more important than ever I feel. Even though we need to keep our distance, it is a time to be there for your family and friends, time to support each other and bring out the best in ourselves and others since Aries can also appear at times, to be self absorbed. They don’t mean to be this way, they just don’t always understand that others’ have wants and needs too. With all that is going on around us, it would be easy to take on these traits, but focusing on others, will also help to abate the panic some are feeling.

Try to remain brave (another Aries trait) and strong! Retain as much spontaneity as you can, and look to the future with passion and positivity. Be active and sew your seeds!