Aries Tarot Card & Runes

Aries is ruled by the Emperor Tarot Card. The Emperor depicts maturity and authority, as well as ability to achieve your goals. He shows that you have amazing analytical powers and are a natural leader but says that you sometimes have a hard time backing down from your own views and should recognize this and show compassion for those who challenge you. Know that while you prefer to be in charge, others have something to contribute.

Aries Rune Stones are Berkano and Ehwaz.

Berkano is the rune of new beginnings, renewal and recovery both physically and spiritually. For the first sign of the Zodiac, this fits perfectly. It depicts new activity and growth, new life and profit, as well as fertility and new life.

Ehwaz depicts movement and travel and relates to movement with a purpose and partnerships full of harmony and trust. It shows us that by sticking together and remaining faithful to our goals and each other, we are able to make progress towards our common wants.