Leo season

On July 23rd, the Sun moves into Leo, where it will stay, until August 22nd. Get ready to move! After the insular Cancer season, it’s time to get passionate about life again. Leo is all about action, confidence and creativity. What can you accomplish this month? It’s time to try new things, that you have maybe, been too scared to try in the past? Put that fear behind you and have faith in your abilities. Explore your environment, accept party invitations, get out there and play! The sun rules Leo and is all about ‘I’, so put yourself out there and have fun.

Leo’s Tarot Card, is Strength. Leo is a driven sign, so this is perfect! The Strength card, typically, shows a lion, frequently, with a woman who is taming him, with her calmness. This is showing, that, despite the lion’s instinct towards raw passion, it can be channeled in a positive way, giving way to inner confidence, more subdued and pure. The strength card, represents just that, strength! It also depicts, determination. It says, instead of using force and sheer will power, show patience and persistence, remain tranquil, whilst knowing you can achieve, whatever you set your mind to.

Runes, also have a bearing on astrology, although they can be quite harsh, compared to Tarot, they still have a story to tell and a message to impart. Leo is represented by, Hagalaz and Nauthiz,. They are the runes of the sun and moon.

Hagalaz, is the rune of power and innovation, and can suggest, destructive forces. Matters being outside of your control. It speaks to patience, in order to achieve resolution and harmony. Hagalaz, cautions against unpredictability and says that, despite having been constrained in some way, it is for a reason, but after the struggle, comes harmony.

Nauthiz, backs up this theme. It is the stone of resistance, restriction and pain, which leads to strength, innovation and self reliance. It is the rune of energy and endurance, the development of strength, despite the setbacks. It signifies survival, during testing times.

As you can see, astrology, tarot and runes, all have a similar message. There may be tough times this coming month, but they will be overcome. Take as many opportunities, as you can, to have fun this month.

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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect” —Mark Twain

Astrology, Tarot, Runes and Magic; are all real. They are not parlour tricks as the majority tend to believe. A cursory glance at history shows us that witches were genuinely feared, to the degree that those even suspected of witchcraft were tried and sentenced to death. People are not sentenced to death for parlour tricks.

Although it may seem that Witchcraft was stamped out centuries ago, it was simply driven underground. It is in fact alive and well and is practised by some of the most powerful people in the world. How better to hide something than to convince people that it doesn’t exist?

Secret Societies

There are numerous secret societies around the world whose member practise witchcraft openly and avoid suspicion by calling their ceremonies; initiation rituals and comparing themselves to High School students joining Fraternities. The truth is that these societies practise powerful magic and their members control Governments and Countries.

There are hundreds of these Covens masquerading as clubs and they all practise the same magic. The best known of the Secret Societies is of course The Freemasons. There is much more to The Freemasons than their public image suggests.

“I… promise and swear…that I will keep and conceal, and never reveal any of the secrets…”

—Masonic Initiation Ceremony

The Freemasons are also known as The Builders and are in fact mentioned in The Bible: The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner. The very name Freemasons come from their belief that Adam and Eve were held captive in The Garden of Eden and were freed once the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was eaten.

Freemasonry has a history going back to the beginning of time, far further back than any other Secret Society. It was the Builders under the instruction of Nimrod: also known by the Egyptians as Osiris the Sun God (whose Birthday falls on the Winter Solstice 25th December) who built the Tower of Babel. This is the basis for all Pagan religions and the reason that Christmas is celebrated on the darkest day of the year, it has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus who was not born during Winter.

Old Gods

Nimrod had a wife named Semiramis and they had a child named Tammuz. The Egyptians knew them as Osiris, Isis and Horus. The Greeks knew them as Zeus, Athena and Apollo. The Romans knew them as Jupiter, Mercury and Venus and the Hindus as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. These are some of the old gods who walked among men, teaching them secrets and there are many others.

The members of these Societies do not simply believe in what really is a religion; they actually commune with their gods and are given power on Earth in exchange for their faithfulness. Their gods are Osiris the Sun god; which is where worship on Sunday comes from, his wife Isis the queen of heaven and their son Horus the sky god and reincarnation of Osiris.


The Freemasons learn their “craft” very slowly over many years. There are 33 degrees of Masonry and the secrets that they keep are revealed one degree at a time. The Masons practise what they call “The Great Work” which also has ties to Alchemy and Hermeticism and the god Thoth also known as Hermes Trismegistus. The Great Work has one goal, which simply put; is self-transcendence. The Masons believe that if they complete The Great Work; they will become Gods.

The methods used by the Freemasons are the same as those used by almost all Secret Societies. These Secret Societies are collectively known as The Illuminati and include The Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, Gnostics, Rosicrucian’s, Satanists and Wiccans, to name a few.


The magical system that they use is known as Dualism and this can be seen in the symbols used by The Freemasons; The square and the compass, Boaz and Jachin, the checkerboard, the Sun and the Moon are all used by Freemasonry and are all opposites. The belief is that all opposites are one separate whole and one cannot exist without the other. The Great Work involves the merging of these opposites into a new form: good with evil, light with dark, the ying with the yang.

The Great Work is the uniting of opposites. It may mean the uniting of the soul with God, of the microcosm with the macrocosm, of the female with the male, of the ego with the non-ego—or what not.

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears

Lesser Magic

The magic used by Secret Societies is mostly Lesser Magic and is done using symbols. Many of us have seen what is known as “The All Seeing Eye” : a masonic symbol but also used by other societies and notably appears on the US one Dollar Bill. Its correct name is The Eye of Horus and it is generally depicted with a pyramid because Horus was an Egyptian god. The Eye of Horus is often presented in the shape of the Pineal Gland: also known as “The Third Eye” which gives psychic abilities once opened and the opening of which, is one of the goals of Freemasonry.

 These are the symbols with which members of these societies identify themselves: a quick Google image search using the term “celebrities all seeing eye hand sign” or celebrities 666 hand sign will bring countless examples of this.

The rituals and symbols which are used to further The Great Work are numerous and complex and will be the subject of my next post.

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No one believes in magic anymore. We have been shown by television and other media that magic is illusory and nothing more than clever tricks and sleight of hand. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If we look back into history; it is filled with magic and magical beings. Every nation on Earth has a history filled with Witches, Wizards and sorcery; although they went by various names, their roles remained the same and they cast magical spells and foretold the future.

There were and are many ways to foretell the future, from scrying to reading tealeaves and somewhere in between is the casting or Runes. The origin of Runes is tied to the god Odin who is credited with their discovery.

Legend has it that Asgard; the city of the gods ruled by Odin, sits at the top of a tree called Yggdrasil, whose braches span the whole universe and connect different worlds together. The tree itself grows from a well where three maidens, known as Norns, dwell and it is these maidens who determine the fate of mankind by carving Runes onto the bark of Yggdrasil. The Runes carry the intentions that their symbols hold to every part of the tree, which in turn affects the whole universe.

Odin was known to pursue wisdom at any cost; in another of his quests; he sacrificed his right eye for a sip of water from Mimir’s Well, known as the well of wisdom, in order to gain knowledge. He sat one day observing the Norns shaping destiny with their runes and was jealous of their power. Knowing that insight into the power of the Runes required great sacrifice, in order to prove worthiness; Odin hung himself from the branches of Yggdrasil and impaled himself on a spear.

He gave orders that no one should aid him and he hung there for nine days and nights on the edge of death, peering into the abyss. At the end of the ninth night, the Runes accepted his sacrifice and revealed their secrets and power to him. knowledge of the Runes made Odin an invincible warrior, able to heal wounds and render his enemies weapons useless.

This story is often presented as a parable which teaches that only through sacrifice can we attain wisdom. There is though a great deal of material which suggests that Odin and numerous other gods actually walked the Earth alongside men.

It is clear from Biblical scripture that Astrology was taught to men by one of the Fallen Angels named  Kokabiel. The Fallen Angels (Nephilim) were sent by God to watch over mankind and before their fall were known as The Watchers. It seems that The Watchers were so attracted to human women that they forgot their duties and mated with them. The resulting offspring; being giants, were an abomination to God and the cause of The Flood.

The Bible states that the stars are for signs and in the book of Daniel there are several references to Astrology taking place in Egypt. The narration from The Old Testament aligns with documents such as The Emerald Tablet and the Hermetica which are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus who is also known as the god Thoth who was credited by the Egyptians as the originator of all sciences and by the Greeks as the inventor of Astrology.

There are of course many other cultures from all over the world whose history includes Astrology and there is very strong evidence that the three wise men (Magi) of the Bible who came from the East were Sorcerers and Astrologers from China who saw evidence of the birth in the stars. The Mayan civilization known around the world for their calendar which ended in 2012 also claim that their knowledge came from a god known as known as Quetzalcoatl.

While we are told that these stories of Gods and magic are all myth and legend; Astrology accurately predicts the future and while science tells us that the solar system is travelling through space at 515,000 mph, the constellations strangely NEVER change.

Some of us live in a world where everything is known and explained. Some of us live in a world where magic is real and the gods gave us the means to see the future through the stars.

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year!

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We start the year off with Mars moving into Aries, bringing with it, lots of energy and competitiveness, particularly for all you fire signs. This is closely followed on January 5th, by a new moon partial solar eclipse, in Capricorn. Although this will be, a somewhat, somber new moon, it is a great time for new beginnings in practical ways, ie: letting go of old habits, starting a new business. On January 6th, Uranus is direct in Aries, where it will remain until March. Then, on January 20th, there is a full moon total eclipse, in Leo. This moon is sometimes known as the wolf moon. I will write more about this in the next little while. In the meantime, please check out all of our reports on the Services page and have a wonderful and safe, New years eve.

What is Spirituality

If you want to know what Spirituality isn’t, then go and look up the word. You’ll find definitions all over the internet and none of them give any insight into the real meaning. There are hundreds of thousands of websites dedicated to spirituality and no two are the same.

Ultimately Spiritualty is the application of wisdom and wisdom comes only from knowledge and experience. There are many groups who claim to have esoteric knowledge, passed down through the ages from generation to generation, which when applied successfully leads to enlightenment and enlightenment as we all know, leads to happiness. It’s all nonsense of course.

The one thing that all of these groups have in common is that they are willing to sell you this information. Once you have joined their group and promised never to tell another soul, you will be told certain truths to entice you but you will never learn anything of great significance.

I’m not surprised anymore by the things that people will believe, there are those who actually believe that they are Gods and if they’ll just subscribe to a certain philosophy and pay obviously, they will be shown how to activate their Chakras or their Pineal Gland and they will become Godlike. While the process itself is genuine, those with sincere knowledge will not share it with everyone who asks.

A simple question: why would a person who has achieved Godhood need to sell such knowledge? More to the point, why would someone who has achieved Godhood sell the knowledge to any Tom, Dick or Harry who will part with a relatively small amount of money? Doesn’t that sound quite dangerous? Imagine a madman with the abilities of a God. If anyone is offering to sell enlightenment, they have nothing worth knowing.

There is knowledge that is hidden from the masses that can be bought, it is often known as occult or esoteric knowledge and it is not knowledge that will bring enlightenment. It will do the opposite of that. Unfortunately, this is the knowledge that those seeking Spirituality and enlightenment are drawn to and many lose their way.

There are religions which offer true knowledge in order to draw followers: Forget everything that you have ever been told and learn it for yourself, is from Buddhism which then goes on to teach; rather than encouraging its followers to learn by themselves. Most groups do the same, hook their followers with a single truth and then brainwash them with nonsense.

Enlightenment and Spirituality come from seeing the world as it actually is, trusting what we see with our own eyes rather than what someone else says is true. One of the more ridiculous beliefs is Evolution, which if not taught in schools, would never have gained traction as a serious theory. The whole notion is preposterous, a human being could no more evolve from a single cell than a mobile phone and a mobile phone simply coming into being and evolving from nothing is far more likely than a person. Yet we believe because we are told, though common sense tells us differently.

Knowledge is not wisdom and knowledge for the sake of knowing is a waste of time. Learning though, even things that are not true is part of the journey and it is only as we approach understanding that we realise why the Buddhism “truth” of learning for ourselves and other similarly profound facts are not just worthless but deceptive. It is not about learning what is true and what is not but what is important and relevant.

Did NASA put Astronauts on the Moon in 1969? This is a much debated topic and those who question it are called conspiracy theorists. The truth is that it makes no difference one way or another whether they did or not. There are countless topics of this nature, all of them intriguing, none with conclusive evidence of anything and none of them worth knowing.

They are distractions. Worldly knowledge has nothing of any worth to offer, knowledge of the world is a pointless pursuit. History is meaningless, it doesn’t matter who ruled England in 1588, this will never affect me in any way.

People have knowledge, they write it down and pass it on, people have wisdom but they won’t force you to listen. People have talents, they write music and books but the best books are never read and the best music never heard by those who need them the most.

Spirituality is the knowledge that I am alone, I came here alone and I will leave here alone. Everything that I know is contained with this mind of mine. Everything that I am is within. My thoughts and emotions are mine alone and nothing that I think or feel has any effect on anyone but me. I am what I have consumed, the music of Beethoven resides in my soul, the works of Dante rattle around my mind, my spirit is filled with the trials of the poets and the artists and I carry these with me, wherever I go but I am alone.

When I hate, I hate myself, no one else. The hatred that I feel for those things stolen from me, affects only me, it destroys me and those who took from me feel nothing. The anger that I feel, the rage for wrongs done, destroy me and no one else. Who can I love? Only myself, when I love my one true love, I love myself, she feels none of it.

Wisdom then is knowing that without self-control I will destroy myself. Spirituality is accepting that people behave the way that they do because they know no better, it is the compassion that we feel as we watch those angry, furious commuters elbow their way through the crowds as their rage boils inside them, the elbow in the ribs is nothing compared with the damage they do to themselves.

Spirituality is a state of awareness and compassion is unavoidable. Enlightenment, true enlightenment is not an achievement, it is not a state of delight, it is a burden and it is the first step of a long journey.

Spiritual Truth

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they start to wonder. When we’re young and life is new we’re filled with curiosity for the world, but not our place in it. Perhaps things get boring, perhaps things become difficult, maybe it’s just a natural process but at some point we all wonder why we are here. And where is here anyway.

For some of us those questions are unanswerable, it takes a long time and a lot of patience to find answers to these questions and many never find them.

There is no single answer to the “why am I here” because there are two different paths, one dark and the other light, one broad and the other narrow. The easy answer is you are here to choose but the real answer is much more difficult to express.

We must all choose a path eventually or the issue will be forced but it’s much more than a single choice. All of us, without exception knows right from wrong, it is a part of us, we like to call this knowledge a conscience because we are certainly not bound to do right simply because we know it’s right and we have all done wrong knowing well that it was. Sometimes we do the wrong thing and justify it by telling ourselves that it was the best thing we could have done at the time: perhaps a “white lie” to make someone feel better; “Yes you look fabulous in that dress”.

We find grey areas in a black and white life and we justify our actions to ourselves, but we always know when we have done something wrong.Of course telling someone they look great when they don’t may boost their confidence and that might be the reason for them asking and it’s such a small lie that it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Yes, it does, it really does. It’s not hard to say, “you look fabulous but that dress doesn’t” but that might cause tension, and that is the reason that we really lie, not to spare embarrassment but to save ourselves from conflict. It’s cowardice really.

The reason that many lose their way in their search for the truth is that the truth is unacceptable to them. There are no real grey areas and there are no such things as individual truths, there is only the truth. It is wrong to kill; we all know this but we find exceptions. It’s okay to kill if there’s a war on, it’s okay to kill if someone kills first, it’s okay to kill if someone breaks into your house.

Is it wrong to steal if a man is starving? Is it wrong to sleep with a man’s wife if she’s really lonely? Is it wrong to slander someonewho is disliked by all?

We know very well the rights and wrongs of life and we choose our way, often without realising that we have made a choice.

Religion is a way out for some, some religions promise salvation through prayer, through giving back to others. Others promise enlightenment and even Godhood, none of that is true.

The truth is difficult for most of us, even the few that find it, because it makes life harder, not easier. Finding the truth is made harder by the world that we live in, though the world is just an illusion. We interact with the world daily and we make decisions based on our emotions. Someone pushes you on the train, you feel angry. Someone you like smiles at you and you feel glad, the world dictates how most people feel from minute to minute. None of it is real and none of it makes any difference.

The things that we feel have no effect on the world at all, we believe that they do and we keep on feeling them. The only thing that is affected by our emotions, is us. Nobody knows how you feel and nobody cares, they feel the same way as you, nobody lives their life worrying about how everyone else feels. Yes, we feel sorry for those going through difficult times but we have our own lives to live. When we are angry, the only person affected by our anger is us. Yes, we all have arguments and make our feelings known but the anger is only felt by us, anger destroys the person feeling it, not the subject of the anger. Most of us, whether we like to admit it or not make decisions based on how we feel and this is how we choose our way.

Ask anyone, anywhere in the world if Adolf Hitler was evil and most will not hesitate to answer yes. It was not Hitler in the tanks, nor in the planes nor did he fight in the trenches, as far as I know Hitler never physically killed anyone: I could be wrong, I’ve not studied him. Hitler used words, he worked people up into a frenzy and convinced a whole country to go to war.

Words kill far more readily than bullets, people commit suicide every day because of words. This is a simple and obvious truth but one that makes us uncomfortable. We all have a right to speak our minds and we exercise that right without a second thought, some without even a first thought.

Someone pushed me on the train and I was angry so I made my anger clear to them. I have no idea what happened after that, I have no idea what happened just before that, perhaps the push was unintentional, perhaps my words were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We are all responsible for our actions, careless or not. Most of us don’t like that idea and this is the smallest part of the journey for truth. We think that we want the truth but the truth is everywhere, we really want to pick and choose what we would like the truth to be and so we don’t recognise it and the journey takes that much longer.

You are here for a reason.

You have no control over yourself, the world controls you completely. The world tells you every day what is important. The world tells you every day what music you should listen to, what clothes you should wear, what topics interest you, how you should treat other people. Listen all you want, there is no truth there, there are far more questions than answers.

Seriously, listen, YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON.

Almost everything that you see and everything that you hear is either pointless or untrue and influences you to make decisions that you don’t even realise you are making.

Hitler was not born evil; Hitler grew up impoverished in a country that had nothing but debt. He fought for what he believed in but his beliefs were based on what he saw in the world. Imagine if Hitler had been born to rich parents in America.

Words and emotions change the world, not guns, not knives.

The truth is difficult for us to find, not because it’s cleverly hidden but because it’s not what we expect. We each have a purpose, every single one of us and that purpose is also difficult to find but as with the truth, it is not cleverly hidden and not at all what we expect.


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