Astrology of January 10-17 2021

Transiting Jupiter (in Aquarius) is bringing a wave of change in our collective belief system at the beginning of the week. It seems that most of us have been questioning certain things and are beginning to see things in a new light. This is a positive step, and you may find yourself joining groups of like-minded people or beginning new activities. This is also a good week for laying to rest any ghosts from the past and/or painful experiences which have haunted you. It is a good week for both trying and learning new things and this could bring a new person into your life, such as a teacher or healer. Alternatively, you yourself could be the teacher or healer who has previously dealt with this type of situation and now has the experience to help others.

Transiting Saturn, Neptune and Mars will be causing some confusion and frustration this week. Sunday and Monday could find plans going awry and could lead to anger and frustration. There may also be a feeling that someone is standing in your way. This anger and frustration will be prevalent for most of the rest of January and it is important not to get carried away as it could lead to accident and injury as well as arguments that can be avoided if patience is employed. Try to get rid of any pent-up energy in positive ways, such as physical exercise. This is also a time when many people are experience separation from people and situations which are no longer serving them. This has been ongoing for the last few weeks and will continue a large scale, until January 19th. Alternatively, you will find your life being remoulded and remodelled to better suit your needs. Soon you will have a better idea of where your life is heading. Alternatively, if your life is how it should look already, you may find obstacles in your path, which are meant to slow you down so that you can take a second look and make sure you are headed in the right direction. There may be times when you feel lethargic and as though life has lost its shine. By the end of January this should begin to lift, and you will be seeing things in a different light.

Transiting Mercury will be causing problems in communications and confusion and delay is likely. Avoid signing contracts if possible, this week, as this could become a cause for friction. Don’t force anything this week as it is likely to cause you frustration and make matters worse.

Transiting Uranus could make you feel as though you are being held back, especially in the work arena. This could be related to unfulfilled obligations and once you have dealt with those, it will be easier to move forward again.

The New Moon in Capricorn on Monday will stir up memories of the previous year and guide us to reflect on how far we have come. 2020 was life changing for most of us and for some, looking back they will see that they have changed and matured almost beyond recognition. Capricorn is an earth sign and while it has a grounding energy, it is also indicative of upheaval or shock with Uranus turning direct on Tuesday. This can be on a collective or individual level. There is a feeling of division, discord and strife leading to feelings and acts of volatility. We may also see some active weather this week. Look back to last August and what was going on for you and in the wider world, you may hear news now that reveals things were not as they seemed at the time. No matter what comes up now, we have the ability to overcome it once the shock waves have dissipated.