Cancer General Tarot Reading August 2020

Cancer, it appears that you start off the month taking a break from a confusing situation, in order to clear your mind, as shown by the Four of Swords. You seem to have been dealing with an intense situation and need a little time to recover. The Eight of Cups suggests that you have been going over and over the same issue and are feeling that it is hopeless as you aren’t making the progress you would like. It would be a good idea to take time to process your feelings before taking further action and the Two of Swords confirms that you need to regain your equilibrium and try to find a balance between what seem to be, two opposing forces. The Knight of Swords encourages you to try to look at things from a more intellectual point of view, rather than reacting emotionally. It would be better at this time, to construct any argument from a logical angle as you will have more influence than if you are trying to make your point whilst upset. The Queen of Wands asks that you employ herself confidence and determination and in her relaxed and self-assured manner. She has total belief in her own power, so if you aren’t feeling the same way right now, ‘fake it til you make it’. The Nine of Swords indicates that although you feel there is malice and cruelty directed at you, much of this is perceived and if it is actually real, to try not to take it personally as it is a projection of another’s fears. The Nine of Wands tells you that you have the strength to get through this and that you have the inner resources, often drawn from past experiences, to be flexible and adaptable and Judgement is here to help resolve this issue by helping you to be objective and decisive and weighing up all elements. Next we have the Three of Wands which brings the promise of new beginnings once this previous issue has been dealt with and will bring an inner harmony and a defined, structured plan for the future, with the Ace of Coins confirming this and bringing about a firm and stable base for growth. Your overall card this month is Death which relates to transformation and conclusion, a time for letting go of the past and moving towards a bright new future. All in all, a month of moving forward towards true happiness Cancer! Have a great August.

*Please note that this is a general reading only and may not resonate with everyone. If you would like a more personalized reading, please contact me to book an appointment.

This post is for entertainment purposes. Any decisions made because of this reading, are the individual’s sole responsibility

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