Cancer, beneficial outcomes.

Cancer, your Tarot card for May is the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups represents the Water signs, of which you are one Cancer. At times, this Queen can ignore her rationality and common sense, choosing instead to go with her intuition. Throughout May, you are encouraged to do just this. You will probably be in a position of needing to provide emotional support to someone at this time. They will be looking for compassion and it will feel natural for you to provide it. You will be attracting people with these needs, so make sure to make clear your boundaries. Be kind to yourself also this month and don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with other people’s needs.

Your Rune card for this month is Jera. This is the Rune of Harvest and promises beneficial outcomes to any endeavours you undertake now. You must cultivate with care to encourage success. However, you may not see immediate results, as this Rune gives a timeline of 1 year. Patience is essential now, as is perseverance. You cannot rush this process, but be sure that the outcome will be worth the wait.

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