Capricorn General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Capricorn, the Ten of Swords says that it is time to remove yourself from a painful situation or perhaps simply a bad habit. Moving away from this negative place will free your mind and help lead to change and eventual peace of mind. It is possible that this change will happen even if you are not the one instigating it but know that it is best for you. The Nine of Cups wants you to know that even if you are struggling to make the move forward, it will ultimately lead you to happiness and contentment, as once past this situation, you will be more able to focus on your dreams and create the future you want. The Nine of Cups confirms that you will be rewarded for this sacrifice with the abundant pleasures of life which can of course take many forms. Embrace what makes you happy this month, as you move towards the life you would really like to create.

Have an amazing month Capricorn

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