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Berkana is associated with the Element Earth

Berkana (also Berkanan)is the life process and is associated with fertility – growth and rebirth. Berkana brings the power to influence the progress of nature and its effect on the body. The appearance of Berkana suggests overcoming resistance, progressing and achieving success, through clarity of thought and resolve. With patience, you will achieve your goals.

Reverse Berkana suggests that you may be distracted either by aspects of your own nature or events over which you have no control. The only thing that we really have control of is ourselves and without self control we control nothing.

Healing Properties

If kept on the person this Rune will heal fertility ailments.

Berkana has the following associations: Zodiac = Cancer Tarot Card = The Empress Colour =  Green

This Rune means Birch and relates to the herb Lady’s Mantle, to the Bear and the Swan. The god Nerthus better known today as Mother Earth, takes part in human affairs, riding in a chariot among her people. She is attended to with reverence by a Priest as her chariot is drawn along by cows. Wherever She visits, celebrations follow. Wherever she stays war and violence cease and peace remains until She leaves.

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem for this Rune

The poplar bears no fruit; yet without seed it brings forth suckers,
for it is generated from its leaves.
Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned
its lofty crown which reaches to the skies.

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