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Jera is associated with the Element Earth

Jera is a Rune of harvest and fertility. The appearance of Jera suggests success in any activity that you are devoted to. This could be a time of peace and happiness and an end to inaction. You are at the beginning of a new revolution in the ongoing life cycle of change.

Reversed Jera (cannot be reversed but lies in opposition) signifies sudden setbacks, major changes, reversals or bad timing. Bear in mind that: A problem cannot be solved by avoiding it. Tackle your problems head on and you will succeed.

Healing Properties

If kept on the person this Rune will heal digestive ailments.

Jera has the following associations: Zodiac = Virgo Tarot Card = The Fool Colour =  Blue

This Rune means harvest; and is the origin of the English word year. It is associated with Rosemary and the Oak tree. Jera is connected to the god Freyr who ruled fertility, bountiful harvests, wealth, and peace. Freyr’s residence is Alfheim, the homeland of the elves. Freyr means Lord and his real name was Ingwaz, which became Ing and was the basis for the name England.

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem for this Rune

Summer is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruits
for rich and poor alike.

A problem can’t be solved by avoiding it

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