The Judgement Free Tarot Reading


Represents assessment and change. The card shows an angel blowing his horn as people gather to gaze upward. This denotes Judgement Day when all mankind will be judged by God.

Upright Meaning

The appearance of this card suggests that things may not be as they seem and you might need to spend some time to uncover the truth of the matter before making any important decisions. This could relate to a relationship or a work issue. It may be that you are worried about what you might find if you look to closely but burying your head in the sand will not help. Judgement signifies the need to assess honestly and change accordingly.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed Judgement card signifies the emotional aspect of assessment, that you may feel that you have been unfairly judged by another. It may be time to consider if you have made any errors or you have not achieved all that you might have and whether your feelings are justified regarding the opinions of others. Reverse Judgement indicates unsettling change and often unjustified regrets, though the unavoidable change is often a positive one.

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