Justice Free Tarot Reading


Represents truth and justice. The image shows Lady Justice sitting with scales in one hand and a sword in the other. There is no escaping Justice, she is independent and cannot be influenced by anything other than the facts.


Upright Meaning

In modern Tarot decks Justice is known as Karma. The appearance of this card  means that you are suffering now because of a decision that you made in the past.  It could also be a recent mistake which you need to put right. Admitting we are wrong is difficult for everyone but nothing can  change until we do. It may also be a warning that decisions you make now could have far reaching effects on your future. This is a time for clear thinking and caution.

Reversed Meaning

This card suggests you may be judging someone unfairly without knowing the facts. We have all been blamed for things we didn’t do and this card advises us to think sensibly about our situation and consider the facts. Even when we think we know the truth, there  is always a chance we could be wrong. It may not be the best time to be involved with bureaucracy or legal actions when you draw this card.




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