Mannaz Free Rune Reading


Mannaz is associated with the Element Air

Mannaz (also Mann) is a Rune of the self, the individual and mankind. The appearance of Mannaz signifies your attitude to others and theirs toward you. This is a time to remain modest and be receptive to your intuition, a time to be aware of reality but separate from it. You might find that you receive unforeseen cooperation from unexpected sources.

Reversed Mannaz suggests delusion, depression, mortality or manipulation, this is a time when you can expect to receive no help from anyone. Bear in mind that nothing worth having comes easy; the good times will return soon.

Healing Properties

If kept on the person this Rune will heal Feet and Ankle ailments.

Mannaz has the following associations: Zodiac = Aquarius (and Jupiter) Tarot Card = The Magician Colour =  Red

This Rune means Man and is associated with Mankind as well as the Hawk. Mannaz is symbolic of Mankind joined as a whole in pursuit of one goal: enlightenment. There are three gods associated with this Rune:  Heimdall, Odin, Frigg 

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem for this Rune

The joyous man is dear to his kinsmen;
yet every man is doomed to fail his fellow,
since the Lord by his decree will commit the vile carrion to the earth.


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