Strength Free Tarot Reading


Represents the different aspects of stamina, determination and endurance. The cards shows a woman handling a lion, a dangerous act by any standards, yet the lion is submissive. 


Upright Meaning

This card suggests that you can have confidence in your abilities and that you have the stamina to overcome the situation that you find yourself in, this may refer to either mental or physical strength. The appearance of this card may indicate that you have issues that are troubling you that need to be confronted and that you should not back down or sacrifice your principles but move forward with poise and assurance. 

Reversed Meaning

The reversed card suggests that you may have a lack of self-control or that your stamina is depleted. When this card appears you may find yourself feeling vulnerable and that things are outside of your control. This card means that we need to have faith in our own abilities, that we can overcome and that we possess the strength and stamina needed and should not just back down.

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