Temperance Free Tarot Reading


Represents moderation and restraint. The cards shows an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another, one being half empty the other half full.


Upright Meaning

The appearance of Temperance suggests that you approach things moderately, holding the middle ground rather than extremes of any kind. It is a positive card and shows that you are on the right path and simply need to be sensible in order to achieve your desired outcome. Romantically it signifies that relationships will be calm, even serene as long as you have a willingness to compromise and cooperate. 

Reversed Meaning

The reversed Temperance card suggests over indulgence and taking extreme measures unnecessarily. You may find that you are working too hard and have no time for relaxing, or vice versa. This card signifies a lack of balance in one or more areas of your life. Romantically it may not be the right time for new relationships and even friendships can become strained. Try to find the middle ground.

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