The Chariot Free Tarot Reading


The Chariot
Represents recklessness. As we can see from the image; the chariot has no reigns and no way of steering. It might be time to pay  attention to the direction you are travelling in.

Upright Meaning 

The appearance of the Chariot means that a direct approach is needed. Perhaps you are indecisive or struggling with self confidence. This card is telling you that you know what to do, so trust yourself. It is time to seize the reigns and move forward with belief. Make your decisions confidently and cast doubt aside. Now is the time to take risks, aim high and to do what you think is right.

Reversed Meaning  

The reversed meaning is a warning that you may be  attempting to control things that should be left alone. You may be constraining someone close to you or stifling their creativity. You are entering a period of frustration and may feel powerless and struggle to improve things. The answer may lie in allowing things to take their course rather than trying to control things.

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