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The Devil
represents restriction or are trapped by a situation that was once ideal but is now undesirable. The image shows a male and female chained together under supervision.


Upright Meaning

The appearance of The Devil suggests that you have no control over a situation or set of circumstances. Perhaps you are being deceived in some way and  prevented from making a change or perhaps you are afraid of what change might bring. Fear of change is what keeps us in undesirable positions. It is time to assess your values and beliefs; if something is making you unhappy; change it. If you are trapped, free yourself. You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Reverse Meaning

The reverse Devil suggests you have been trapped by a set of circumstances. You are not the cause of this, it is likely to be someone close to you who does not have your best interests at heart. You may feel emotional and your judgement may be off. This might be stopping you from doing the right thing. It is time to act and free yourself. Use reasoning rather than intuition and take control. If you act with confidence; you will succeed.

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