The Emperor Free Tarot Reading


The Emperor
represents action and resolve. As we see from the image the Emperor is a mature man who radiates authority. He is decisive and takes control of situations.


Upright Meaning 

The appearance of this card shows that you have the ambition to achieve your goals. It may also suggest that you lack finesse while using your authority. This might lead to the isolation of those around you. Caution in this area would be helpful, often a simple please or thank you can make all the difference. Romantically it could suggest that you are drawn to dominant partners.

Reversed Meaning 

The reversed Emperor suggests that you may encounter untrustworthy people in positions of authority. This could be in the workplace or in everyday life. The way to deal with interfering officials is to remain calm and stand your ground, anger will not help. Romantically it can suggest that your partner may be behaving in a resentful  or unruly way. This issue needs to be resolved calmly but firmly.

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