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The Empress

represents power and confidence. As we see from the image, she carries a sceptre and has a shield but no weapon. She is protective and gentle but confident as well as being a mature woman with experience.


 Upright Meaning

This card represents the traditional feminine qualities; sympathy, empathy, creativity and nurture. The appearance of the Empress is generally positive and is associated with motherhood, the development of artistic talent and even the birth of a child. Being dealt this card also means that any goals that you have are likely to reach a successful conclusion.

Reversed Meaning

 The reversal of this card is generally negative, it might suggest that this might not be the time to work on creative projects. It may also mean that you may be too possessive in a relationship or that a female presence in your life is being troublesome. Interactions with the opposite sex, in both personal and business environments may be difficult when this card appears.

The Empress is a Major Arcana Card and is associated with the Element Earth

This card is linked with the Rune Berkana and is ruled by the Planet Venus and the Roman Godess of the same name; who represents desire, love sex and victory.

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