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The Fool

 is a fresh beginning.The card contains a dog which is barking a warning at his master as he wanders aimlessly toward the edge of a precipice. He has set off on his journey with sufficient provisions which he carries on his shoulder but clearly has no idea where he is heading.

Upright Meaning

This card represents new beginnings that may or may not have been planned, it is not something to fear, rather it might be interpreted as an adventure. You may well face trials and tribulations but the outcome depends on your approach. If a person faces their challenges with optimism and energy, they are far more likely to overcome any issues with ease. If you follow your heart you are likely to find the right path and having done so will overcome any obstacles. There may be a danger of falling in love with love rather than romantic involvement, or that your lover might be unreliable and incompetent. The Fool can represent vigour and pleasure but an unwillingness to commit.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed card is a warning, as the image shows, he is about to walk off a cliff, the dog is barking but his master is oblivious. This is a warning, telling us to take our responsibilities more seriously and to pay attention to our surroundings, principally if we find ourselves in new surroundings or situations. We are not
alone in this world and there is often a dog barking a warning to us, if only we would listen for it.

The Fool is a Major Arcana Card and is associated with the Element Air

This card is linked with the Rune Jera and is ruled by the Planet Uranus and the god of the same name; also known as Ouranos meaning sky, or heaven.

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