The Hanged Man Free Tarot Reading


The Hanged Man
Represents a crossroads in our life. The card shows a man hanging upside down from one foot, though he doesn’t seem worried by his predicament at all.


Upright Meaning

This card suggests that you may have come to a point in your life where you need to let go of customs and old habits and approach the world in a different way, in a way that may at first seem contrary and unlikely to produce the desired outcome. The appearance of this card is a recommendation that you do the opposite of what your intuition tells you is best, take the road less travelled and you will succeed.

Reversed Meaning

The appearance of this card means that the time for traditional methods has ended. It is time to be practical and face the world with new ideas. It is also a time to reacquaint yourself with your spiritual nature and perhaps change your outlook and priorities, try something new and put some energy back into your life.

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