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The Hermit
Represents the deepest parts of our inner being. The image shows the Hermit holding his lamp aloft in order to see the way ahead clearly, he is an elderly gentleman; suggesting wisdom and insight.


Upright Meaning

This card suggests that you might be in need of some personal reflection, away from the clamour of everyday life. The Hermit suggests that you may be about to make a personal decision that requires more thought than usual. This is the perfect time to engage in spiritual matters and self-development and asking those you trust for guidance. It is not the time to rush decisions.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed card suggests that you may be under pressure that you are ignoring and it may be time to pull your head out of the sand and take a good look around. This is a time to ask those around you for help and/or advice and to move forward as best you can. Romantically it may suggest that you or your partner may be rethinking your relationship, ignoring things will not help.



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