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The High Priestess

represents wisdom and higher callings. As we see from the image she is sitting with a book in her hands, this represents knowledge. She is not a young woman and has years of study and experience which have brought her wisdom.


Upright Meaning

The High Priestess quietly observes the world from her sanctuary. From here she perceives the root cause of the individuals’ issues. We are reminded that there are often unseen causes and hidden influences which affect us, not just the logical everyday cause and effect that we pay so much attention to. The appearance of this card can also suggest that a secret is about to be revealed. 

Reversed Meaning

The High Priestess reversed usually means that you may be ignoring your instincts. It could be that you are letting logic dictate your responses to predicaments that you find yourself in. Intuition is a powerful gift and should be listened to as much as logic. There are times when logic would dictate that we stop , when continuing will ultimately  bring success. The appearance of this card can be a sign that we should lay aside our scepticism and listen to our intuition.

The High Priestess  is a Major Arcana Card and is associated with the Element Water

This card is linked with the Rune Uruz and is ruled by the Moon and the Roman godess Diana who is responsible for nature, animals and forests.

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