The Lovers Free Tarot Reading


The Lovers
represent important events happening in your life, not simply, as you might imagine; romance. being dealt this card suggests that you may have a choice to make relating to a relationship or commitment.


Upright Meaning

The appearance of the lovers can suggest that you would like to be involved with someone who is not available. This card can also relate to business situations, a partnership or perhaps a new employee and suggests that you should give these situations some thought and remain level headed. It is human nature to want things that we can’t have but dwelling on them can lead to unhealthy obsession. Focus on goals that are achievable and accept that some things will always be out of reach.

 Reversed Meaning

The reverse Lovers is a sign for caution and suggests that you should carefully weigh all aspects of your circumstances before making a decision. It is a warning to be consistent rather than rash. Romantically it suggests that you might be entering a period of uncertainty and there could be misunderstandings or confusion if you allow it. It may also suggest that you or your partner may be susceptible to temptation.




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