The Pope Free Tarot Reading


The Pope
represents teaching and knowledge. As the image shows, people listen when he speaks and his position by nature is conservative and traditional. The Pope likes things done the way that they have always been done and exactly so, he does not like new or different things.


Upright Meaning

 The appearance of this card suggests that the best way forward is to follow traditional methods and to work as part of a team rather than to follow your intuition and go it alone. Professionally it may suggest that you may be in need of advice and a pragmatic approach. It may be beneficial for you to listen to opinions that you might ordinarily disagree with.

Reversed Meaning 

The Reverse card is suggesting that you may be taking certain things too seriously and that a more relaxed, even bohemian approach might be more suitable in areas of difficulty. The reversed Pope is suggesting that the traditional ways may not be suitable for your present struggles. It may be that a new, perhaps radical approach would be more beneficial. Romantically it can suggest that your choice of partner may be ill suited to your needs.

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