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The Star
Represents opportunity and improvement. The card shows the night sky so brightly lit that a bird is present as though it were daylight. You are fortunate if you are dealt this card.


Upright Meaning

This card signifies good fortune and suggests that this is a good time to believe in yourself, whatever your ambition. Drawing this card brings glad tidings and suggests that you should push yourself forward and let opportunities present themselves, if you follow your dreams you will succeed. This is a card of happy endings. Romantically you may find your life full of trust and love.

Reverse Meaning

The reverse meaning is similar to the upright meaning but carries a warning that although good times are ahead they could be delayed or prevented from occurring at all by you. The reverse Star signifies that you may be missing opportunities simply because of self-doubt or pessimism. It may be time for some inward reflection and self-motivation, you have what it takes to succeed you just need some confidence in your own abilities.

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