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The Sun
Represents positivity. In the image we can see a child on a horse enjoying nature as the Sun fills the world with the brilliance of its healing rays.


Upright Meaning

The appearance of the Sun signifies that all is running smoothly in your life and will continue to for the immediate future. This is a time for you to have confidence, ambition and drive. You will find yourself at your charismatic best and will achieve your goals in the best way possible. If you have been having a rough time lately, that will end soon. Romantically it is an ideal time for a new relationship and a good time for those already in a relationship to tie the knot or consider starting a family.

Reverse Meaning

The reverse Sun can still be positive but may serve as a reminder that you have not achieved your goals quite yet. It may signify that your ambition is just that little bit too high. Confidence is a positive thing but over confidence may hinder your progress. This card suggests that although you have the skill and drive to succeed, there is always room for improvement and you need to be honest with yourself with regards to your expertise.

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