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The Tower
Represents unexpected change. In the image, we can see the Tower being struck by lightning and its inhabitants falling. The lightning represents an unanticipated occurrence.


Upright Meaning

The appearance of this card signifies a change from out of the blue and over which you will have no control. Change can liberate and bring new challenges and positively alter your philosophies for the better. Change can also be negative if you refuse to accept it and cling to the past. When change is thrust upon you, as it often will be throughout your life, you must learn to embrace it and use it positively because it cannot be stopped, however much you might want it to.

Reversed Meaning

The reverse card suggests sudden and disruptive change that will not quickly be resolved. In this case you will need to be patient and resolute, you may have to wait this change out. The reverse Tower indicates that though chaos reigns around you, you should remain calm and collected and navigate through the difficulties as best as you can. If you can do this you will have a better insight into your own strengths and once the drama ends, you’ll be in a better position than you hoped for.


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