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The World
Represents the end of one aspect of your life and the beginning of another. In the image there is a figure in the midst of a circle surrounded by a Lion, an Ox, an Eagle and an Angel, these are the creatures who draw Gods’ Chariot.


Upright Meaning

Drawing this card suggests that change is coming and in this case, it is for the better. It is time to look forward and stop dwelling on the past. The past can’t be changed so accept it and move on. The World signifies moving forward and leaving old ways and habits behind. When The World appears, you can be sure that you are about to find your purpose in life and things will move smoothly as you progress. Romantically it could mean that you have found your ideal partner.

Reversed Meaning

The reverse World suggests that you may be hesitant and are stagnating rather than progressing. When this card is dealt you may experience delays and it could  be your own indecision that is causing them. This is a time for action, make a decision and move forward. If the delays are outside of your control, they are likely to be minor disruptions which will  resolve themselves successfully without intervention from you.

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