Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26th, 2021

We have a full moon in Scorpio on April 26th and it has a lot going on! There is currently a stellium of planets in Taurus, including Uranus. This full moon is in a T-Square with Uranus which is the planet of sudden change and, Saturn the stern taskmaster, which is in Aquarius, trying to put a damper on the freedom that Uranus is trying to bring us. Scorpio of course is a watery and emotional sign and this combination is sure to bring us some drama and surprise as well as restricted freedom. It is hard to know how things will play out but it is sure to be stimulating.

The next few days could bring about some volatility in the stock markets or your own personal finances with Taurus and Scorpio involved. On the other hand, there could be great fortune to be had for some. Things such as taxes, loans and inheritances are highlighted. Saturn should help to slow down or mute the energies a little but there are likely to at least be some odd situations for most and it could turn out either way.

Emotions may also be running high, particularly as Mars is currently in Cancer – another watery and emotional sign. However, with this knowledge at hand, it should be a little easier to take a step back and think before you become upset or angry. It is possible to take this energy and channel it in a very positive way also, particularly if you have been wanting to make changes in your close relationships.

This a good time to explore your values and prepare to make lasting changes if necessary. The chances of transformation in one form or another are quite high. This could be distressing for the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, who dislike change at the best of times but especially if they are not in control of it.

Be aware of what is fact and what is fiction now, as there is the possibility of someone trying to convince you to believe things which are simply not true, or accusing you of imagining something that is. It could be difficult to maintain a proper grasp on reality. At the same time, we may be struck with sudden ideas and have a great need to put them in to practice, regardless of consequences.

To confuse things even more, Pluto, which is in Capricorn, goes retrograde on the 27th. Pluto has been bringing about transformations in business, governments and the economy. We have seen some big changes in these areas over the last while. This is Pluto’s job – to rip things down and rebuild them. Although this planet going into retrograde should cool the intensity we have been dealing with and give us some time to reevaluate certain things, it could also bring power struggles. You may find that your intuition is off and you are more easily taken in by people or situations that aren’t quite as they seem. This will be in effect until October 6th.

It is a good idea to remain as flexible as possible this week, so that we don’t feel out of control. By this weekend, we may be feeling that we have been contained for far too long and as though we have been in a huge rut. This could cause a sudden need to break free from all the restraints we have been under for so long now. However, the chances are that at we have also been placing restrictions on ourselves. Now is the chance to restructure certain areas of our lives, beliefs, even habits that have been holding us back. There is the very real possibility of new beginnings for us all now.