Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th 2020

January 10th, brings a full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This first full moon of the year (and decade) is a watery emotional one and we will all feel it. It is a time of release but the eclipse brings sensitivity and ultimately, healing. Feelings rule this full moon and we can use this to motivate us but we need to be careful that we don’t wallow in the emotions and cause the opposite effect. As Cancer rules home and family, we can use this energy to finish up any projects we have going on at home, plan a family get together, even move house. It is conducive to spending time with people we love and both giving and getting emotional support, which is particularly good news, if we have been internalising something that we need to get off our chest. This is a time of increased intuition and compassion, so it is easier to be gentle with others. If there is an aspect of your life that feels less than solid and secure, use this time to strengthen foundations. There is also a Stellium in Capricorn at this time, so watch for power struggles and control issues, either from yourself or directed towards you and if you feel stifled or as though you are being treated like a doormat, take some space before reacting. This is the first of four eclipses in 2020.