Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 5th 2020

The full moon Lunar Eclipse take place in Sagittarius, opposite the Sun in Gemini and is the beginning of a two year cycle of these eclipses. On the same day, the North Node moves into Gemini and the South Node, into Sagittarius. The South Node is connected to the past and the North Node is connected to the future, both are connected to Karma, with the North Node bringing opportunity to fix past mistakes and change the future. This eclipse is focused on releasing the old and letting go what is no longer working. Sagittarius represents truth and can bring about brutal honesty but also our biases, making this a good time to recognize where we may have been plodding along with our beliefs without ever checking the facts. While this full moon is not really a time for yet moving forward, it is a time to shed the past and while this may be difficult and uncomfortable, it is a necessary preparation for the coming Solar eclipse on June 21st. Along with this eclipse, we have Venus retrograde in Gemini, which may bring a focus on personal relationships and possibly an acknowledgement that some things are no longer working or simply, a realization that we have unanswered questions and confusion surrounding our relationship. The next two weeks will bring more clarity and we will become less confused about what we do and don’t want and with a feeling of becoming stronger and more willing to embrace our inner power, as more information comes to light.