Gemini General Tarot Reading – September 2020

Gemini, it seems from the Six of Wands, that all those dreams and wishes you had last month, are now manifesting for you! If you aren’t quite there yet, this is the time to strike out on that last step, with a vengeance. The Eight of Cups confirms that you are moving away from a situation that previously seemed hopeless and that you have overcome some kind of crisis to get to this point. It appears that you have been reflecting quite deeply and have come to terms with emotions that you were not necessarily comfortable with. Take a short break to finish processing everything you have been through, as the Queen of Coins is here to tell you that you are resourceful, even in passiveness. This temporary stillness, with nourish you and give you the energy going forward, to push forward with this amazing new path you are on.

Have a fantastic month Gemini.

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