Gemini, be objective this month

Gemini, your Tarot card for May is the King of Swords. It is important that you remain objective and use your intellectual powers in all situations. Stick to the facts when making a point and chasing your goal. It looks as though you will need to make an important decision and you must do so without emotion. Look at the situation with impartiality and reason and you will be able to manoeuvre things in the most beneficial way. You also have the ability to help someone close by encouraging them to maintain the highest standards, which will help them progress much more quickly.

Your Rune for this month is Teiwaz reversed. Teiwaz is the Rune of the Spiritual Warrior. You are advised to not make any hasty or ill timed, moves or decisions. Remain authentic in everything you do so that you retain the trust and confidence of those around you. When making decisions, first examine your motives. Are you taking everyone into consideration, or are you thinking purely of yourself? Is the outcome you require, the best one for all? Consider the consequences before you take action and then ensure that the outcome will be appropriate to a stable and happy future.