Gemini, a week of honouring yourself

This week I am using the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

Gemini, your card for this week, is – Angel of Balance – Being Centered and Self-Honoring in Your Choices:

This loving presence holds a pitcher of liquid light in front of the pyramids, reminding you that a strong destiny relies on a solid foundation of personal balance and emotional equanimity. Although things may have been out of sync in the past, this card is telling you that a greater equilibrium is now coming to your life.

    Remain conscious about how you are balancing your goals and your physical and emotional energy as well. Whenever you feel yourself getting off center or losing focus, call upon this beautiful angel and bring her intention into your heart center. Your intuition will lead you in the right direction, and the angel will guide you to a peaceful and centered approach.


I live a balanced and centered life. As I care for myself, the Universe cares for me also.