Gemini, a strong connection

Gemini, your Tarot card for the week of April 5-11, is the Two of Cups. This week finds you feeling much more connected to someone important. This could be a personal or work relationship, but either way, you will notice that someone is appreciating and respecting you much more than usual. If you are also looking for a new job, this is a week for opportunities to pop up, If it is a romantic relationship that is your focus, there will be emphasis on commitment now. Whatever is happening for you this week, it will be long lasting.

The Winged Wise ones confirm all of this and want you to know that your prayers will be answered. There will be divine intervention around your relationships and activities now and any previous problems will seem to heal and transform, as if by magic. Be aware of your higher consciousness too and make sure that your internal voice is giving you positive messages. Remember you are the only one who hears and is affected by your thoughts. Have faith and enjoy the outcome this week.