General Moon/Tarot Reading for Cancer – January 17-25, 2021

I thought I would switch up the Tarot Scopes a little for this week, using the Moon Oracle Deck for the general spread and a Tarot card to give the overall theme. Instead of using the current Moon Phase, I asked the cards to describe the energy that will affect your sign in general this week. Enjoy! – Angela

Cancer, this is a week for making concessions and adjusting your ideas to new and changing circumstances. Focusing on the things that you want will help produce the seeds of the future. This is the time for planning rather than acting when it comes to making grand plans for moving forward. You may be feeling stubborn this week as you want change to happen, but it would benefit you to realise that things are not just going to happen overnight. There is a possibility of inflexibility when it comes to your family also, as you appear to want things done your way and someone else is not willing to let that happen. Try to be mature and dignified so that you don’t end up just having your thoughts and feelings dismissed. There is a middle ground to be found which will ensure that things still run smoothly, even though it might not be completely the way you would like.

Your overall card assures you that the changes that you want, are just out of reach for now, but the process has started. It also reminds you that no situation is ever really stagnant, and that change will always happen, even when you are fully and completely comfortable with a situation.

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