General Tarot Card Reading for May 10th – 16th

The first card is the 10 of Swords, suggesting that this is a week for ending things such as old habits, inner conflict or any negative situation and liberating your mind from any chaos and suffering you may be dealing with. This is just as likely to be a sudden move as the straw that broke the camels back. We may be at a point where we feel that since there is nothing more to lose, we may as well take the risk and plow forward to our new beginning. However, be aware that sometimes it is better to not act too hastily and to give careful thought to the situation before taking action.

The next cards is the 6 of Wands can often represent victory or suggest that victory is imminent. It is an optimistic card which shows new opportunities appearing in our lives, or feeling good about our recent achievements and also encourages us to inspire others. You may experience intense emotions and great joy in relationships and recognize how fortunate you are to be part of it. If you have been struggling with something, let go of any associated fears which may have stopped you from reaching your goals and look forward with confidence.

The World is our final card for the week and indicates that our hopes and dreams are about to become a reality, following the completion of an project or endeavor. You may soon feel happy and relaxed but it is equally likely that you will be feeling passionate and dynamic. There is a feeling of deep satisfaction, bring about a new awareness of of the way things really are. It is a week of openness and vitality and of feeling in rhythm with nature and those around us.

Have a wonderful week!