General Tarot Card reading for Virgo – August 23-September 22, 2019

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find time to do a video reading for Virgo’s yet. That is Virgo season for most of us, busy, busy, busy. I hope you all enjoy the following reading.

For this spread, I chose every 7th card. The cards were pulled, in the following order: Page of Pentacles, 4 Wands, 8 Swords, The Fool, 5Cups, 9 Wands, Page Cups, Ace Swords, Queen Cups, 4 Cups and 3 Coins.

I see from this spread, that many of you are impatient to start a new project. It seems that finances, or lack of, have a big role to play, and there may be frustrating delays. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this project, but it is coupled with feeling stuck. You can’t seem to see the wood for the trees, and appear to be going round in circles, trying to find the best way to get it off the ground. It could be, that you don’t have enough in the way of time to give, as you have other commitments, or that you don’t have the start up funding, and are biding your time, until money becomes available. There are feelings of disillusionment, at times, and you wonder if this can ever be successful, given the stop, start consistency. However, the 9 of Wands, shows that you have the resilience, patience and strength, to see this through. Regardless of any adversity that you face, getting this off the ground, you have the persistence, to make it work. In the midst of all of this, know that you can do this. Your intuition is strong and inspiration will appear, be sure to be open to anything that will help make this work. The Ace of swords, signifies, success and triumph, though you will have to retain mental resilience, as you deal with the challenges. You will suddenly find a way forward, when there didn’t seem to be one previously. The Queen of Cups, confirms, that you will find a way to balance your emotions and use your intuition, through this whole process, while the four of cups, signals that there is a need for withdrawal and introspection, so you can find your inner strength and push forward. Lastly, the three of coins, indicates that there are resources available to you, whether in the form of support, or financial aid, and the possibility for great financial wealth, to come from this project.

Please remember that this is a general reading and may not apply to you all. If you would like a reading that is personal to you, please contact me either via the site, or call or text: +1 (306) 551 0522 or email: