General Tarot Reading for Libra – September 2020

Libra, the King of Swords say’s that this month is all about intellect and mental abilities, something that Libra is usually quite at home with. It will be a time for being analytical, logical and strategic as well as making sure to remain rational. You already know which direction you are headed and seem to be dedicated to not resting until you have achieved your goal. However, the Nine of Swords is telling you to be mindful of how you do this as at times, you could come over as quite harsh and possibly even cruel, or else, someone else is behaving that way towards you. If this is the case, try not to let it affect you psychologically as it is merely a projection and the Fool assures you that this is the beginning of a new cycle for you, you are undergoing a transformation and must have faith in yourself, knowing that you have great potential to make the changes you most want and need.

Have a great month Libra!

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